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Happy Friday friends! This week was pretty uneventful for me in a good way. I was able to get a lot accomplished and I’m going into this long weekend feeling great.

One weird thing happened to me though: I had a panic attack (at the gym 😫). The crazy thing about it is that I used to have panic attacks so frequently and ever since I started meditating, they’ve pretty much disappeared. I’ve been meditating for over a year and I’ve had fewer than five, which is a dramatic improvement from the 4-5/month I used to have. The panic attack at the gym came out of nowhere… I was doing a neck roll to try to get a kink out of my shoulder, then I felt dizzy, and then I couldn’t breathe. Honestly, a huge part of the panic was that it felt so, well, not normal to me. I almost felt like I had an out of body experience because I’m not used to them anymore.

It’s not that I look forward to panic attacks (haha, I wish I could put them completely behind me for good!), but the experience made me appreciate how happy I am to not experience them as much as I had been. You know when you get a sore throat and you promise yourself that you’ll never take swallowing pain-free for granted again?! That’s how I feel about the attack. I was able to find gratitude for lack of them when I finally did experience one again. Anyway, after a few breathing exercises + yoga moves later, I felt good enough to get in an actual workout.


Here’s what was on my radar for the week:

ONE // Tiffany & Co Spring Campaign with Elle Fanning

Words can’t explain how much I loved watching Tiffany’s latest campaign. It’s so fun and youthful. I also love Elle Fanning and think she’s an absolute doll in this. Maddie Ziegler also makes a cameo. Does it make me want a little blue box? Yes, yes it does.

TWO // Kayla Crossbody

I’m such a sucker for a cute wicker bag. I officially have more than I actually need, or have the space for frankly, but I still wanted to share this one with you guys. I love the clasp, color, and shape so much.

THREE // Talbots’ Book Club!!

Anyone else looking for new books to read this summer? Talbots just launched a summer book club. From what I’ve seen it looks like it’s going to be my go-to for recommendations and ideas this summer.

FOUR // Shane + Grav3yardgirl

YEARS AGO (2013, just looked up the email exchange lol) I did a feature for a beauty brand’s website. The other “influencer” (this word did not exist yet I don’t believe), was Bunny from Grav3yardgirl. It was funny because our picks couldn’t be more different! Ever since I’d check in on her Youtube channel now and then. She has a giant Youtube presence but recently had been kind of plateauing. Shane, another big Youtuber, recently did a mini-series with her to figure out why her channel stopped growing and help her figure out what to do. 

I learned so much in the video and could relate to much of what Bunny has been feeling and experiencing lately. At one point, I actually cried along with her. What seems like a fun series get deep and real pretty quickly. I think you guys will find it as eye-opening as I did. It might be the best series to hit Youtube this year.

FIVE // Father & Son Duo Gets the Golden Buzzer

You have to watch this. I had goosebumps throughout the entire thing. A father and son got the golden buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent and rightfully so. The two are incredibly talented and it was so sweet to hear them sing an original song together.

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Glad to hear that you were able to recover from your panic attack, workout, and find gratitude! I remember there was one night a few months ago where it felt like there was mishap after mishap after mishap, but at the end of the day, I was just thankful to have survived it and I felt more grateful than I had felt in awhile. Funny how life is! // asdfghjkl Jack & Tim warm my heart! I also love watching reality singing shows haha. Have a great weekend! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


The father-son duet made me tears – but it also made my day! Thank you for sharing!

catherine hannum

Hi Carly – sorry to hear about your panic attack. I’ve suffered from panic attacks almost my whole life – though in recent years its been much better. I’m running a half marathon on Sunday for the first time, and this week I’ve been feeling my anxiety compounding. Hopefully I can lean into the experience and put all my intrusive thoughts to the side. I love Shane Dawson but hadn’t seen this video you shared here. I found it incredibly interesting and compelling. Great finds this week. Hope you enjoy the weekend! xo


I LOVE you for sharing your experience with anxiety. Helps me feel less alone with my own struggles.