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The holiday weekend was perfect! I went down to Avalon, NJ for the first time and totally loved it. We had more good beach weather than I was expecting to have so that was a nice bonus. I pretty much had a coverup on + a towel draped over my legs the entire time (hi, I’m a Florida girl with very thin blood!), but it was still so nice just to be outside and listening to the ocean. Some highlights: cutting the line for ice cream with a Springer’s VIP, passing around the babies (aka fighting each other to hold them), plus barbecuing, beaching, Bullshit-ing (the card game).

Then I had a quick turnaround in Hoboken– just enough time to do a little laundry and re-packing– and flew to Nantucket with NIR Retail for a shopping trip. The forecast didn’t look that great but we ended up with perfect weather. We got so lucky. I mostly packed sweaters and pants thinking I’d have to wear my coat the entire time. I’m so thankful I threw in a dress at the last minute because it was so gorgeous on Tuesday and perfect for even a quick trip down to the beach. The trip was packed with shopping– I felt insanely spoiled as I shopped my way through Town checking out a bunch of retailers.

But it wouldn’t be a trip to Nantucket without stopping by the Juice Bar. The ice cream is so great and the fresh waffle cones are out of this world. I hate getting my hands dirty (especially liquids 😷) so you know it’s worth it if I’m okay with ice cream dripping down my hand.

Juice Bar

Some fun things to share from this week:

ONE // Native Shoes

One of the best parts of this Nantucket shopping trip I went on was that it encouraged me to go into stores I normally wouldn’t have gone into. I always thought of Native shoes as kids for children, only. Upon walking into the store (which is right by the ferries on Straight Wharf!), I fell in love with a pair of d’Orsay flats with BOWS. They looked so cute and then I put them on and was instantly sold because they were insanely comfortable. Like most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on my feet kind of comfortable. Now I totally get why kids love them so much. I also got a pair of the Jericho sneakers which look more Ked-like and very flattering for the foot.

TWO // Out of the Box 20 Years Later

My sister and I used to be total Disney girls growing up. Did you ever watch Out of the Box?! I was probably on the older side to watch but with a younger sister and families that I was a “mother’s helper” for, I saw a good chunk of the series. I remember really liking the show, especially the hosts. Watching this video of Tony and Viv warmed my heart!!! Always nice to see that the chemistry on screen was so great because of the chemistry off the screen.

THREE // Gingham Neck-Tie Top

Bottom line: J. Crew Factory is killing it right now!!! How cute is this gingham neck-tie top? I have J. Crew’s version from last year in both an oxford cloth and tartan. It’s an easy to wear top that looks great with jeans or tucked into a skirt.

FOUR // Lilly Pulitzer’s Tennis Collection

I hope some of you guys are avid tennis players with a need for cute outfits. I don’t play tennis enough to justify more clothes but if I did, I would totally be stocking up on these adorable skirts and dresses. 

FIVE // Surprise Proposal x 2

Did you all catch the video of the surprise proposal this week?! I saw it a few times on social media and, gosh, if it doesn’t make me tear up every single time. I don’t want to ruin the surprise…. you have to watch the video! [When the friend in the background goes, “What are you doing?!” I was thinking the exact same thing ha!!]


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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

With the weather warming up, I’m craving ice cream every day! // omg I just saw that double proposal video earlier today! So sweet! I’ve been seeing so many posts on social media and on blogs about wedding season, and it’s making me want to go to a wedding! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Help! What do I wear to my 5 year college reunion? I was going to wear Lilly but the weather isn’t going to be Lilly weather.


I was scrolling through the factory website last night and wanted one of everything! All the bows and the gingham, more please!
I’ve loved seeing your Nantucket finds on instagram! The sweaters are so cute. Have a wonderful rest of your visit, xAllie

Jordana @WhiteCabana

I really liked following your Nantucket shopping adventures on IG. Those shoes are great picks! I think I might need those Jericho shoes in white – are they breezy? Comfortable? Good for non-beach time, too?

Allison Wynant

I saw you were in Stone Harbor in your snap stories!! I have been going to Avalon since I was a baby, it’s definitely got the most special place in my heart. Next time you’re down, you HAVE to try Fishin’ Pier Grille — hands down the best breakfast on the island (though I’d say best breakfast ever). Happy summer!

Kristie C.

I’ll have to check out Native Shoes next time I’m in Nantucket! Have you been to Charleston Shoe Company? They have a store there and one in Charleston. I think you would like them!


I love Springer’s in Avalon! So many family memories at the Jersey Shore. If you enjoyed Avalon, you should go to Cape May as well, I’m staying there this summer 🙂

Mary B.

If you liked Avalon you should visit Cape May, NJ! My family goes every year around the 4th of July; we love the Victorian architecture and the slow, easy pace of life there, it definitely makes for a relaxing vacation.

Best, Isabella

Viv singing the theme song at the end… its amazing how the brain can forget something like that and then instantly be brought back to a time when I would constantly be singing that!!!
These On My Radar posts are really the best.


Can you tell us more about the Native shoes? They are adorable and so affordable so I’m curious to know more about them! Maybe an insta story to show us closer up??


Hi Carly! Love the look (and price!) of the native shoes. I’ve got a couple big trips to Europe this summer where I expect to be walking a lot. Do you think these would be comfortable for everyday walking shoes? Thanks!


Catching up on posts..I’m a little behind. What would you say about the sizing on native shoes? I usually wear a 7.5 but I see they’re whole sizes? Thanks!!