ON MY RADAR 9.2.23

A special Saturday edition of “On My Radar” as yesterday was my birthday! I am looking forward to a quiet weekend at home again. The next two weeks are going to be a little crazy (traveling for weddings, new weekly routine for us, Jack’s first day at preschool, etc) so I’m savoring the last little bits of a slow summer before it’s full steam ahead!

My new lamp arrived! Also Rifle Paper Co is having a sale this weekend; everything is 25% off... Including my desk chair.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // “Scoot” Toddler Sweatshirt

I can’t really justify spending $50+ on a sweatshirt for a toddler (let alone a white one)…. but…. if I were to spend that kind of money on a sweatshirt for a toddler, it would hands down be this one! How freaking CUTE is this scooter?! With scoot underneath?? I can hardly handle it!

TWO // US Open Coverage

Who else has been glued to US Open coverage? We were trying to make going work this year, but just couldn’t swing it with work and travel. Maybe next year!! I can’t stop watching though… I especially love all the TikTok coverage, honestly. I’ve been really rooting for Coco Gauff. 

THREE // Slate Blue Chloe Dress

It’s not in stock just yet, but this sneak peek of Tuckernuck’s Chloe dress in a beautiful slate blue has me drooling. This was one of my favorite silhouettes that they’ve done and I’m thrilled to see new color options! Definitely worth bookmarking to come back to.

FOUR // 2D Ribbon Tutorial

BRB, everything I own is about to have a ribbon sewn onto it…. I love this look and I also love how straightforward it is?! I don’t know, I was expecting something a little more complicated! But what to sew first? A sweatshirt? A tote bag? The sky’s the limit!

FIVE // Andie Loafer

Ugh, Margaux does it again!!! These loafers are so striking. The absolute perfect looking classic loafer…. I love the tailored feminine look, too.

SIX // Meg Ryan Returns to Rom-Coms!

I have a list of Meg Ryan movies that I watch when I just need a good comfort movie– she’s the original queen of rom-coms. Her return to the big screen is great news. 1) They stopped making rom-coms for a while because they didn’t “do well” at the box office, so I’m hoping this is a good sign that they’re reinvesting in the genre! and 2) Meg Ryan is the person to do it!

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Katherine smith

Hi!!! Thank you for your wonderful posts!!!! Could you reply with desk and hutch information. I’ve seen you post this desk several times but I can’t find the brand and where to buy….


All you need is a friend with a cricut and I think you could easily recreate the Scoot sweatshirt! (Plus then you could do it on grey, navy, or something more toddler friendly!)


Happiest of birthdays to you. Is that a screensaver on your desktop? How do I get that on my computer? Love it!


Happy last birthday, Carly! Hope you it went great. I personally love how your room looks like, especially the wallpapers on your Mac and this chair omg! I love your blog and you radar thing cuz I also love U.S. Open and have the same thoughts about that. And woah!! If we are talking about comfort movies when you need to relax, you are definitely gotta watch movies with Meg Ryan, sooo cool that she is going to come back, really good news, she is such a talented actress. Have a good weekend and thank you for sharing the things that happened to you! // Tony Volkas @ 1PLs