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Is everyone excited that it’s officially fall? The days are shorter, and the temps are dropping, and the leaves are changing. (Well at least it’s chilly in the morning… and then it’s 90 degrees by lunch, ha.) I switched over my closet to my fall/winter wardrobe and started to get excited about all my plaids and flannels and sweaters.

Garrett and I are heading out to Nantucket with friends this weekend. We normally do a winter ski trip, but we got excited about making it bi-yearly. Unfortunately, our time out there is cut short due to work obligations, but we will be making the most of the time we have there!! Expect lots of snaps and maybe a Youtube video or two. I. Am. So. Excited.

Best Places to Buy Plaid and Flannel Shirts

Before I get into the links for the week… I got a few questions about my favorite places to buy plaid shirts and flannels. LL Bean has amazing, cozy flannels and I’ve been impressed with Uniqlo’s flannel shirts this season. J. Crew is always a go-to for me as well, of course; loving this shirt and this one as well.

Okay! Now what’s on my radar:

ONE // Oprah’s Mini Motivational Speech

Why does Oprah always seem to say just the right thing? (I wish she was still on the air.) Start your day with this one minute clip and come back and try to tell me that you aren’t feeling motivated to move mountains in your life!

TWO // The Encylopedia Reader

This is such an incredible story about redemption, friendship, and reading. It’s long, so I recommend bookmarking it and saving it for later, but don’t forget to read it! The story follows a man serving a long sentence in jail and the editor of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Encyclopedia as they develop a friendship through letters.

THREE // Harborside Windbreaker

Why am I so obsessed with this windbreaker?! I don’t really have a need for it, but it looks so old-school. I just love the colors!

FOUR // Literary Hub’s Bookmarks

Okay, so I love Goodreads (a lot), but sometimes I feel like every book has a 3.5 rating. Someone sent me a link to this website, and I’m so glad she did! Instead of numbers, each book is reviewed with a grade. It looks like the books are more evenly reviewed too, so you can tell that one was way more liked than another. I can’t wait to find some new books!

FIVE // Hamilton’s America

Mark. Your. Calendars. OMG. I cannot wait to see this PBS special about Hamilton!!! I watched the trailer four times in a row it’s that good.

SIX // Small Act of Kindness

The news right now. Man, it’s unsettling and sickening. I keep having to seek out goodness and thankfully, there’s plenty. I loved this Starbucks employee delivering coffees to first responders after the explosion in NYC. 

SEVEN // Grace VanderWaal Wins AGT

Who hasn’t fallen in love with Grace VanderWaal from America’s Got Talent? She won and has since been going on the whole press junket right now. I loved this interview she did; Grace seems so genuine and sweet. And ridiculously talented!!!

Anything great on your radar this week or fun weekend plans?!

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I just went on a massive LL Bean shopping spree and bought so many cozy flannels and chunky sweaters! Nothing beats it! Have fun in Nantucket this weekend – it looks like you’ll luck out with good weather!

Meredith H.

I cant wait to see what you wear/pack for Nantucket- im going soon too and the weather is warm but its still fall. Love your videos!!!


I cannot wait for the Hamilton documentary! I am so obsessed with the soundtrack (and SO jealous that you actually got to see it!).


Both TTS. The Uniqlo can be a little short so you could size up for a looser fit. And the LL Bean typically has a looser fit to begin with so you could try the slim version if you want a more tailored look!