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I think the most exciting part of the week is that I’ve been finalizing my summer travel schedule. Last winter, I rented a house for a week in July on Nantucket, and I just found out that my sister is going to be able to join for a bit of the trip! I’m super excited about that.

And! I just booked a trip down to Tampa for my ten-year high school reunion. TEN YEARS. It doesn’t seem possible to be honest. 2008 was a big year for me though; I graduated high school, completed my first semester of college, and started my blog. It’s crazy to think about all that has happened over the past decade. I wasn’t planning on going, but my friends and I started texting and decided, you know, why not! Supposedly the tradition at my high school is that the president of the class is supposed to organize the reunions, but other people have stepped in and I haven’t seen other years be as successful at planning as our class has. We had 525 people graduate and the Facebook group has over 430 people in it… Not bad. Everyone has also been shockingly nice and supportive in the group– it’s nice to see.

I’m actually heading down to Charleston today for a quick trip to see Julia and celebrate her sister Lauren. So looking forward to seeing everyone and hanging out. (Plus, I can’t wait to see their newly renovated house!)

Here’s what is on my radar this week:

ONE // Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as regular health. I have suffered from various issues throughout my life, so mental health is definitely something I’ve been forced to address. But it’s actually something that everyone should focus on. You go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned, and you get a physical to check on everything. You go to the gym to work out and watch what you eat to maintain overall health. Mental health is just as important. I remember when my dad was frustrated with my blog because I was sharing some of my personal challenges online. Maybe it was a generational thing or just the overall stigma that seems to follow mental illness, but it made me realize that I should be doing it even more.

With the news this week of the passing of Kate Spade, I was taken aback. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Kate and her family, especially her daughter. You never know what someone is going through, celebrity or not. Having compassion and empathy is a good start, but don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who you think may be struggling. OR to reach out to a trusted friend, teacher, coach, relative, doctor if you find yourself suffering. There are so many resources out there for help and there is no shame in getting the help you need. It should be the same as going to the dentist to get a cavity filled or filling a prescription for an antibiotic to fight strep throat. Schools and universities have counselors on campus and you can use your insurance’s website (or another resource like ZocDoc) to find a doctor too. If it seems daunting to ask for help (I’ve been there!), focus on reaching out to just ONE person and let them know what’s going on. Having that support can be instrumental in getting on the path back to wellness.

I’ve shared a bunch of posts about my struggles over the years, but most recently talked about how meditation has been a serious lifeline for me. I sound like a broken record, but I just swear by it and feel like everyone should be practicing mindfulness.

If you find yourself in crisis, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

TWO // Magnesium Supplement

I’ve been taking a magnesium supplement for about… seven months I think? I like it, but it wasn’t something I was doing daily because it just felt a little boring. My friend had me try his watermelon flavored one and OMG it’s amazing. It’s supposed to help relax your muscles and the watermelon is so good that I truly look forward to having my teaspoon of it (dissolved in hot water– it gets fizzy!) every day. Highly recommend.

THREE // Claire from Bon Appetit Attempts Gourmet Skittles

Will I include every single video from this series in my On My Radar posts? Yes, I think I will. This gourmet Skittle video is fascinating. I just love how creative and scientific Claire gets. I could watch videos of her experimenting in the kitchen all day long!

FOUR // Summer Stripe Bag

Anyone in need of a beach bag? This one could double as a market tote, handbag, or pool bag. Loving the blue stripes!!

FIVE // Nastia Liukin on Ninja Warrior

Nastia Liukin is GOALS in her Ninja Warrior run. Like, wow, she is strong, strong, strong. I had goosebumps and kind of held my breath while watching. I definitely got a bit of motivation for the gym this week after watching her. Makes me want to step up my game!!

SIX // Monogrammed Cornhole

I love a good game of cornhole in the summer! How fun is this monogrammed cornhole set?

SEVEN // Ellen Surprises Jeannie

Ellen always brings a smile to my face and this video was no exception. Jeannie seems so deserving of the surprise!

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Thank you SO much for writing about the mental health crisis and the resources that exist. So many bloggers seem to shy away from talking about the hard topics affecting society, but you don’t. Keep using your platform to spark important conversations like this one!

Taylor M

I have always admired how you’ve never stay away from addressing ‘taboo’ subjects – ignoring the problem never works. So many people relate to mental health issues, whether directly or indirectly it is in our lives and needs to be addressed. Thank you for being a resource for so many!

Enjoy your weekend in Charleston!

xo, Taylor

Briana Lee

Just posted about magnesium on my blog today with regards to what helps with my anxiety. Love the watermelon one and it really works!

briana |


Thank you for addressing mental health. Breaking down the stigma is the first and most important step in getting people to treat mental health like physical health. And it’s such a touching way to honor Kate Spade’s memory. May she rest in peace.


i appreciate that you acknowledged the tragedy about Kate Spade’s death and assumed you would do so since you often post with products from her namesake brand. i want to kindly point out (hopefully in a helpful way) that this post leads with a photo of Kate and then immediately says that the week was “uneventful” and goes on to talk about your own summer vacations. i think your message about mental health is so important and i’m glad that you touch on it here, i just wish that you dedicated a separate post to Kate/the mental health topic, or put the content about your week/trip later in the post. it feels insensitive to discuss seemingly trivial topics in the same post about suicide.

i’m an avid reader & will continue to be, just wanted to point out how this post may be interpreted by other readers. xo


I really appreciate that you took some time to address Kate’s passing. My first “big girl” purse and wallet was from Kate Spade. You reach so many people and I applaud you for using your platform to talk about mental health. Happy Friday!
Abby |


🤔 It comes across a little strange to see a photo of Kate Spade with the sentence “Not a lot happened this week, in a good way.” Nevertheless, I am grateful you addressed her passing later in this post and appreciate you being an advocate for mental health awareness and working to end the stigma.


I meant personally, but I can see how it doesn’t read that way! Sorry about that


My ten year high school reunion is this summer too, but since they don’t have a date yet, I don’t know if I’ll go. Enjoy yours!


Hey Carly,
I normally don’t comment but I read your blog every day you have a new post-I just feel you get so many comments so what’s another!?:) Anyway I wanted to say thank you for talking about mental health! It is just as important as the dentist and a check up at the docs! Getting passed the stigma is hard – I know for me it is, but I have to focus on myself. And thank you for honoring Kate Spade. I love her and have always always admired her style! This whole week I wore nothing but Kate Spade w/ matching bags of course ha! She was such a fun designer. My heart breaks for her young daughter and her husband -even tho they were split up. But thank you for mentioning mental health!