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I got back late Sunday night from Tampa. I went for my ten-year high school reunion and I almost didn’t go. I had said I was going to go, but I was actually pretty much still on the fence. So I flew down and figured I’d make a game-time decision. Well, I went! And I’m so glad I did… it was great to see so many people that I literally haven’t seen in a decade. If you’re debating on whether or not to go to a reunion… GO! Even if you have to go alone (like I did), you’ll be surprised at how great it is. Just wanted to throw that out there!

On Tuesday, I went to a leather painting class hosted by Neely & Chloe and Inslee. I am obviously a big fan of Neely & Chloe and Inslee so it was a match made in heaven! I found the class through Instagram and immediately signed up. Let me just say… it was a blast. Inslee walked us through some tips and gave us a few pointers and pieces of inspiration. We each got our own leather clutches to paint and then we just went for it! It was a little nerve-racking sitting there with paint that you know is going to be permanent. I don’t know how Inslee does it all day long. (Actually, I do, she’s insanely talented… Even watching her paint leaves was mesmerizing.)

My clutch did not turn out perfectly, but I still love it because I did it! The class made me want to buy supplies and start painting every piece of leather I own. I think for the holidays, I’m going to buy card cases and personalize them though for friends & families… It really was so much fun.

Handpainted Monogram

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // “How I Make Viral Food Videos”

So I watched this video because I was totally curious how they make those viral recipe videos on Facebook. And it’s great, but it’s even better than I was expecting because she also shares a bit about her career path. It’s interesting and inspiring. Definitely give it a watch!

TWO // Emily Henderson’s Oregon House

I love following Emily Henderson’s blog when she has new house projects. She’s recently teamed up with her brother to design a house in Oregon and wow, it came out beautifully. Swipe through the photos on the listing. I am impressed. I think the kitchen is my favorite room!

THREE // Voices of Hope Children’s Choir on America’s Got Talent

Did you guys catch this performance of Voices of Hope Children’s Choir on America’s Got Talent? They did such a great job singing Moana… I was crying my eyes out by the end! The kids are so talented and they clearly put in a lot of work!

FOUR // 25% Off Sitewide

Tuckernuck just started their sitewide summer sale! Everything (…. everything, including Barbour guys!!!!) is included. I rounded up my favorite pieces yesterday if you want to take a peek.

FIVE // Otter Hitchiker

Okay so I legit laughed so hard and had tears rolling down my face as I watched this video. The little otter seemed adorable, but I also think I’d panic a bit if he crawled into my kayak!!

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