We had a pretty straightforward week getting back into our normal little routine after being away. I was nervous because we definitely had gone “off script” with Jack while down in Florida, but we all settled back in nicely. And just as we’re getting settled back in… Jack and I are off this weekend to a fun weekend trip with my friend Maddie. It’s our second “Needlepoint Camp” (canceled last year due to the pandemic)… and we are both looking forward to it so much.

Weezie x Parterre Hand Towels (c/o) launched this week and now I want to paint our bathroom green!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Sockerbit Candy

I ordered some of my favorite candy for my friends who were having a stressful couple of weeks. This candy is so ridiculously good. Worth every cent. I got jealous when their package arrived… and then one night this week, I found myself ordering some for myself. WHOOPS. But seriously no shame. Resharing it here because I do still get questions about it from time to time.

TWO //  J. Crew Ruched V-Neck Bathing Suit

J. Crew released a bunch of new swimsuits for the year, including my favorite plunge v-neck. I don’t feel totally confident bathing suit wise after giving birth, so I’m reevaluating what I have, what I fit into, and (most importantly) what I feel good in. We have so many water-related summer plans lined up (our pond club is reopening for good– it almost shut down entirely) and Jack will be pretty mobile, if not fully walking, this summer… so I want to feel extra comfortable in my swimsuit. Love that this version of my usual favorite has ruching. Placed an order and hoping it’s a winner!

THREE // Maple Blueberry Turkey Sausage Breakfast Patties

Okay, this recipe for maple blueberry turkey sausage is at the top of my “must make” list right now. I love breakfast sausage, especially when it’s sweet with maple syrup. (The Sausage McGriddle to me is sheer perfection.) I want to make a batch and freeze so I can have them every morning with eggs. Yum!!

FOUR // A Love Letter to Nantucket Print Shop

My friend Georgie grew up on Nantucket and now she is a full time photographer on island. She took our maternity photos this summer and we really bonded this October when we found each other again in barre classes together! She just launched a limited edition print shop with some beautiful all-season photos of Nantucket. They’re beautiful. Take a peek. You can order canvases, prints, or frames!

FIVE // Bridgerton Season Two!

Great news on the Netflix streaming front. Bridgerton Season Two is coming! It comes out on March 25… cannot wait. The trailer looks so good. I’d watch the show just for the costumes and music. It’s such a great show for escapism.

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If you like the costumes and music in Bridgerton, then The Gilded Age on HBO Max needs to be on your radar – it is SO good so far. Bonus: I think you’ll really enjoy the peek at old New York!


Hi Carly! I’m curious to know if you or Mike are of Scandinavian decent? The reason I ask is because there are a couple items you’ve mentioned in blog posts that are Swedish (including the candy!). My family is Swedish so I’m always excited to learn about Swedish products from your blog.