Ugh, we are having the best time down in Tampa. I’m already sad we are going back home on Sunday. I definitely want to start planning to come down more frequently. It’s not easy not living close to my family, but grateful it’s a short-ish flight away and that we live so close to Newark Airport and my parents live so close to Tampa International. Makes it not so “hard.”

A snap from Britt Ford’s gallery in Hyde Park Village. 

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Monogrammed Travel Bags

I have a couple of these bags that the Etsy shop owner sent to me last year. They are the best and I find myself reaching for them all the time to keep totes and bags organized. I just ordered a couple for Jack to keep in his diaper bag. I got one for his wet swimsuits after swimming lessons and another for a quick “go bag” for diapers and wipes.

TWO // American Girl Needlepoint

How amazing are these American Girl doll book cover needlepoint canvases. They’re so perfect. Genuinely brings back all the good memories. I loved reading all the historical doll books even if they were only one AR point 🤪 IYKYK

THREE // Gilmore Girls Lego House

Did you know that you can submit ideas to Lego to try to come up with new designs?! I saw this idea for a Gilmore Girls House Lego kit and, well, how is it not already in production! What a great idea!!!! I would totally buy it for myself now. I used to love putting together Lego kits with my sister back in the day.

FOUR // Tuckernuck Smocked Dress

I’m really loving a lot of Tuckernuck’s new arrivals!!! This smocked dress is right up my alley and I know it’s a dupe of the nap dress, but I looooove the print. Also loving this darling patchwork shirt dress– so fun!

FIVE // Sheet Pan Lemon Chicken

I am slowly trying to get back into the habit of cooking dinner. (Mike is usually the one leading the charge!) I typically get inspired maybe once a week. I am pinning this recipe to save for the next time it’s my turn to cook. It looks delicious and I like that it’s all cooked on the same sheet pan.

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