This week was SO MUCH BETTER than last. Whew! It is such a relief. It hasn’t even been like some super special week, just a nice, calm one with plenty of happy moments sprinkled in. There’s this whole trend (maybe it’s even a movement now) on TikTok to “romanticize your life” and I honestly love the mentality. This week especially I felt the romanticism of the everyday through and through.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Tuckernuck x Neely & Chloe

Can we talk about how cute this collaboration between Neely and Chloe and Tuckernuck is?! It’s so…. perfectly each brand. And I love that the pieces are both functional and cute. I keep meaning to take up tennis again…. if only for all the cute gear 🤣 Maybe the fanny pack is more my speed.

TWO // Heidi Callier Design

This “Fox Island” house design is so beautiful. I always have a hard time articulating what my preferred interior design style is. (And my house definitely doesn’t reflect what I really love because I cannot execute good design for the life of me!) But when I saw the portfolio of Heidi Callier, in particular, this Fox Island house, I thought, “this is it.”  Somehow modern and traditional. Current and retro. Warm and cozy. Love! Especially if we ever get that Vermont house I dream about all the time, I would love it to look like this.

THREE // Bow Shoulder White Dress

When I was putting together my post for Tuesday, I found this little white dress that is simply darling. The bows on the shoulders are icing on the cake. A great option for summer events, especially if you’re a bride, this would be a perfect option. I ordered it and I’m hoping it fits and arrives on time before we leave for Nantucket!!

FOUR // Harry Styles Makes “Daylight” Music Video for $300 w/ James Corden

Absolutely love Harry Styles, obviously. Me and the rest of the world 😏. James Corden teamed up with Harry Styles to create a music video for “Daylight” for $300. I’m obsessed with the song (it’s been stuck in my head for weeks) and this video was hilarious and just so entertaining.

FIVE // Martha Stewart Puffer Vest Jacket

After wanting one for months, I finally got the Martha Stewart puff vest. When we were on Nantucket, so many women were wearing them and just thought they were so cute. It comes in 22 colors and goes up to a size 3x.

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I mean this with complete love and out of genuine curiosity- what’s the point of a short sleeve puffer? The vest keeps the core cozy while keeping the armpits bunch-free and a regular puffer (like a nano puff) is lightweight but a jacket. Doesn’t the short sleeve bunch in all the wrong places? Again, this could be a “good for you, not for me” moment but I’m genuinely curious what void this garment came to fill.


It’s a cap sleeve, so it doesn’t bunch! For me it’s just a style choice- I loved seeing it on other women!


I felt the same! One of those moments where I’m feeling like I genuinely don’t understand the hype… the vest actually looks ugly to me 😬 But “good for that person, not for me!” I tell myself

Swapna King

Yay! I have been looking for an affordable short sleeve puffer vest for a long time! I had found a couple but way out of my price range! I love the red, but should probably stick with navy! I would wear it with a cute fairisle sweater or cable knit!


Love that white dress!

Also a few weeks ago you mentioned considering a Kindle, and honestly, I LOVED reading the comment section all day (as a Kindle and physical book reader, I loved reading about how much people loved their Kindles). Did you decide to get one?

Kelly C

The fox island home very much gives me Blackberry Farm vibes. It reminds me of our engagement trip, traditional, but retro, and still warm and cozy.