Not even really sure how to kick off this post other than to say I’m not really okay. Before I had a baby, in my mind, I thought I’d still be “me” but also a mom. Well, having Jack changed me. Every cell transformed inside of me and I am just simply not the same person I was before. Certainly (sadly) the shooting in Uvalde hasn’t been the first tragedy to occur since I became a mom, but it has gutted me in a way I can’t even put words to. It’s been days and I still feel raw– I’m sad, and terrified, and really angry. I can’t believe that the country has decided to put weapons (not just guns but fucking assault rifles) over the lives of CHILDREN.

I am having a hard time getting online in general, but it’s my job and I can’t push off everything because of deadlines and time-sensitive things.

Starting with…. Here is a script to call YOUR elected officials. I have phone anxiety and having a script to follow is definitely helpful. (And I saw that you can leave a message if you call after hours, too.) Even if you live in a state where your elected officials are aligned, you can call and say, “thank you.”

If you want to make a donation, I have personally chosen Everytown, which the country’s largest gun violence protection organization.

PS I am going to be down the shore this weekend in Avalon, NJ. If you’re in the area, I would love to meet you in person. On Sunday, I will be at the Addison Bay store from 10am to 12pm for a book signing/meet and greet with AB’s founder Marguerite Adzick (who is featured in the book)!

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Thank you for posting about this. I live about an hour and a half from Uvalde (our old priest is from there ha and I grew up driving through there every summer to visit my grandpa for the 4th of July). It’s so tragic and also so weird seeing it on national news when it’s so close to home (I live in San Antonio). Appreciate your thoughts and hope something changes soon.


Thanks for sharing, Carly! My son is about 3 months older than Jack, and this entire tragedy has left me feeling a bit hopeless. I’d like to think that I channeled it into appropriate rage, and have been calling, emailing, and donating where I can.

Personally, I won’t let this be the country my son grows up in, and I’m going to raise heck until we get to a better place.

Courtney Jenney

Thank you for sharing this, Carly. I really, really appreciate it. Sending you so much love and hope as you navigate these feelings as a human, but more importantly as a mother.


FYI – that’s not the correct name of the school at which the horrific shooting took place. It’s Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX.


I am with you, girlfriend!!! That is exactly how I have felt this week. I always say I was given a brand new brain when I delivered my first daughter. You just can’t switch “off” from being a mom. I’m honestly flabbergasted that people are still so willing to cling to their assault rifles instead of ensure the safety of our children… I try to listen to people with views that differ from my own to understand where they’re coming from, but it’s really really hard. xo


Thank you for this post. This is an important message. Sending hugs.


Thank you for speaking out and being open that you are NOT ok right now. Just saying “I’m not ok” is a powerful message. And thank you for offering information and ways to help.

Finally, I hope you are able to find some peace and comfort this weekend. That doesn’t mean that you have to forget, but I hope you are able to enjoy your weekend and your family. 💙


Oh Carly. This is so tough. Thanks for sharing and vulnerable. I’m not a mom, but my own mom is a teacher and has dealt with several violent students, at least one who threatened a mass shooting, and this stuff really rocks me, too.

My family is fine physically, but one of the larger recent-ish shootings was at a place of worship they frequently attend. Every shooting since I sort of replay that day, frantically calling to make sure everyone was ok.

I work at a job where I often have to read the news and be online as part of the job description. I’ve done so little this week because I keep clicking on every new Uvalde heading.


Just had our first baby in January and we are right there with you. Feeling a combination of anger about a need for change, but also an amount of helplessness. Thank you for using your platform to speak up about this. It means a ton.

Roslynn Mitchell

I’m a teacher who remembers “duck and cover” from my days in elementary school. We didn’t really understand the supposed reason for that exercise, so it wasn’t scary. Students today understand the reason for drills in their schools. I can’t imagine growing up this way. It’s hard enough to deal with as an adult.


Carly – These extreme emotions over things like this are not normal. Very few people can relate to this. Are you on medicine? I truly ask you in a sincere way. This is not a normal or healthy reaction.


This was an… extreme tragedy to put it lightly. I hope you’re okay, if anything.


Are you kidding? It’s an absolutely normal reaction over a horrific incident which saw multiple innocent children murdered for simply going to school. I think you may need to talk to someone yourself Kate, also sincerely.