One eyed… one horned..

Flying purple people eater.

And Barney.

Why are all weird childhood beasts purple???

I’m REALLY loving purple right now!

What started it all…. Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI. Soccer Mom finally tracked down another one (Sporty Sister took hers back to college leaving my nails without!!!) and sent it. I am HAPPY!

Of course Kate Spade is all over it! The shoes are TDF! And the gloves??? Yummy!

At first, I was not thrilled with the color of my sneakers. I buy the same style every time I need a new pair… and this season it was this purple. Well, it’s grown on me, and I’m officially obsessed!

Weird picture, but I’m wearing lavender Nike tempo track shorts. This is from the day we went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the rowing team. Hence the helmet, backpack, tank top, and disheveled french braid!

Are you loving purple as much as I am???


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I LOVE purple, especially since it is the color of the University of Washington! I proudly wear my purple & gold every Saturday in the fall!


I just can't go there. I am a solid pink and green girl. It does not matter the season, but pink will always do it for me. Your nails look lovely in the shade. Love, Mrs. Kindergarten


Hi, this is so random but I am obsessed with your blog! Anyways I was reading your tumblr and someone asked "I am looking for the name of a designer who makes these bags, book bags, day planners, and credit card key rings. The bag comes in lots of colors and has leather honey colored trim on it. It typically is monogramed. Do you have any idea what the designer is?". I am not very tumblr savvy and wasn't sure how to comment so I'm commenting here. I'm pretty sure the brand she is talking about is Jon Hart Design. Its very common in the south and I know about it from my roommate who's from texas. I have a makeup bag and an id/key holder by them and I really like them!


I have a translucent purple polish that I'm actually wearing right now!! It's by Revlon, it's my favorite, and I'm gonna have to buy some more, because I'm almost out.

Carolina City Girl

i am loving that nail polish color…my grad school roomie and i constantly wore it this summer! it went with everything, from our coral colored sundresses to turquoise shorts 🙂 plus, it can still be worn in the fall. perfect!