Orange + Metallic

I’ve never really liked the color orange. I had two shirts that were orange… and that was it.
This was one of them. I think this was the only time that I ever wore it.
But…. then Tuckernuck let me pick out something from their website. I have no idea why I was so drawn to this Boulevard bag. I don’t typically go for the orange-y colors. But, it’s so perfect. It’s also a great bag for work. I was bringing my large Longchamp every day, but switched over to the canvas bag. The Boulevard “Sunday Bag” has great hardware on the bottom, which makes it perfect for long trips on the subway when I put it on the ground!
The best detailing is the gold monogram! It’s SO weird (the orange + gold), but it SO works. While I still don’t think I’d ever wear orange, it’s the perfect accessory color. Add a little metallic and you’re golden.
Do you embrace orange or steer clear? What do you think of the orange + gold look?

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I don't really like orange.
One wall of my bedroom is orange and I can't stand the look of it any more.
I'm repainting next week ! :p
But I love the bag you chose. The orange on the bag is subtle.


I am the best friend Signe is speaking of! My favorite colors this season are navy, orange and a hint of metallic so this post got me very excited!!! Just curious, who took the picture of you?


What a surprise as a consistent follower of your blog to see you first photo taken at St. Jude. As an employee of St. Jude in their NYC office, it was just another reason why I love your blog!

Also, orange is a must for the fall…you have to find a shade suited to your complexion. For example, I steer towards red oranges vs. friends that steer towards burnt orange.

Successful Senior

For anyone looking for those flats (the blog link didn't work for me) you can find them here:
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I love the bag, but I was raised to hate the color orange (my mom went to the University of South Carolina and therefore hated Clemson) so I'd probably have to get it in another color!


I like how orange looks as a color for interior design, but not so much for clothing. My wardrobe's base color is black, so I think I'd look pretty Halloween-y (ha, I'd look like a Halloweenie). Also, everyone at my office is a HUGE sports fan and they ALWAYS make comments about colors that people wear, like, "oh we don't like orange-school-color-team so we don't like you, hyuk hyuk" and it drives me nuts.


I tend to steer clear of it, but it looks good in the fall (just has to be a little more of a burnt orange color!)



I've always liked to combine orange with another color and orange & gold always go great together.

I don't own any orange clothes, but if I had a some orange pieces I would pair it with a either a pair of white jeans with some boots for the fall. or Get an orange purse to pop your outfit if your going to stay with dark colors.

Megan G.

My school colors were orange and black, so orange has quickly become one of my favorite colors. 🙂 I like how orange can go with dark colors, giving an outfit a pop. But I do love that bag with orange and gold, I really want to get myself a bag!

Julia D.

I really love the way brightly coloured accessories looks when paired with neutrals. I think it's a safe way to be bold…if that makes any sense. Totally never would've thought to do this colour combo though.