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If I could go back and tell my 16 year old self one piece of beauty advice, it would without a doubt be to start using moisturizer and taking better care of my skin. I spent most of my high school days on a crew boat soaking up the Florida sun, falling asleep without washing my face, and thinking I had at least forty years before I had to think about skin care.
I turned 25 in September and have honestly noticed a huge change in my skin. I started noticing little lines around my eyes and lips. If I so much as miss one hour of sleep, my skin shows it. But at the same time, I’m still young. Products geared towards older women tend to have benefits that I’m not necessarily in need of for my skin. I want to protect my skin and prevent damage in the future!

Origins’ Night-A-Mins was the first moisturizer that I introduced into my nightly regime and I’m obsessed with the current campaign they’re running. It’s called #QuarterLifeCrisis, which couldn’t be more perfect. They have a new serum perfectly formulated for 20-something skin.

Origins will be choosing 250 winners for their #QuarterLifeCrisis sweepstakes. The winners will each win one of these boxes filled with five Origins products that will steer you clear of the quarter life crisis. 
Original Skin, renewal serum with Willowherb 
High Potency Night-A-Mins, mineral-enriched renewal cream
Clear Improvement, active charcoal mask to clear pores
Drink Up, hydrating lip balm
Checks and Balances, frothy face wash
To enter the sweepstakes, share your own quarter life crisis on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. To enter using Facebook, visit the Origins Facebook page and add a comment to the Origins Facebook Post announcing the Sweepstakes. To enter using Twitter, post a “Quarter Life Crisis” tweet along with the handle @Origins and the hashtags #QuarterLifeCrisis and #Sweeps. To enter using Instagram, post a “Quarter Life Crisis” photo along with the handle @OriginsUSA and the hashtags #QuarterLifeCrisis and #Sweeps. [For official rules, please visit the Origins website.]

Thank you Origins for sponsoring this post!

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