I am so excited to share our Christmas tree this year!!! I’ve really loved our Christmas trees from previous years in our house, but with our new interior design, I’ve been thinking about how the living room would look in December. One of the things that was really important to me when we designed the room was how it looked at Christmastime. It seems kind of crazy, but honestly the tree is up for 1/12th of the year so it’s not insignificant!

I’ve had most of the year to think about it and I started to realize that the room would look better with more burgundy instead of reds and kind of a warmer approach too. I started looking on Pinterest this summer just to get inspired and kept seeing dried oranges pop up. I love the dried orange garland so much and thought it would be a nice change of pace from the red berries I had used on previous trees.

While I would have loved to have made my own orange garland (and still plan to make some for our mantle), I bought some strands off of Etsy. They are beautiful. The shop is currently sold out of what I purchased, but worth saving for next year as they restock. I got basic burgundy ornaments and then used our mini gold ornaments that I’ve had for years and years. My mom and I made some bows with velvet ribbon, which we just tied right onto tree branches. It’s simple, but also perfect to me! The orange garland especially sparks joy for me– it glows with the Christmas tree lights!

Previously, our tree was on the other side of the room and now I’ve been wondering why we never put it here to begin with! I love that you can see it from the front window and you can actually see it through our dining room window when driving down the road and the view when you’re coming down the stairs or from the family room is so good. I’m just loving it!!

Like hello! The way the light hits the oranges!!! I can’t!

This has been Ham’s perch as of late. He sits up here enjoying the Christmas decor… (but he really is sitting there to wait for delivery people to come to the door with packages 😉

I don’t know that a Christmas tree has ever brought me so much joy and happiness. It feels extra special this year!

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So pretty!! I love your tree topper too — do you mind sharing where it is from?


Beautiful tree! Love the decorations and new spot. And like the other reader, I too, am still swooning over your tree topper that you shared a few years back when I asked – wished I was local! Merry Christmas 🙂