Our Living Room So Far!

Our living room is still a bit of a work in progress. Mostly it’s just a matter of filling in the details. Hanging artwork, finding a console for behind the couch, getting window treatments. But the bulk of it is complete, with our couch finally arriving yesterday. I couldn’t even wait for professional photos to share. I have been getting a ton of questions about where everything is from so I figured a quick post would be helpful.

These are totally not styled, right down to the frames on the floor and dead orchid and unsteamed fabric. 😂 Real life. I will say, this was the last room to do. While not everything in the house is “finished,” this room was the most empty for the longest and completely not functional. It was my goal to have it usable before Christmas… so having it “ready” before Thanksgiving feels like a MAJOR win.

In August, I shared the plan for the living room including what it looked like when we saw the house for the first time and then again when it was empty.

I mention in that post that the room, while technically pretty large, has some challenges when it comes to flow. There’s a very limited space where you can actually put furniture because of where the stairs are located and the entrance into the kitchen/family room. You can’t go too wide without blocking the flow between the front door, stairs, and entry into the kitchen. I measured everything so many times to figure out EXACTLY what we could realistically fit. Luckily, it worked out perfectly.


Pottery Bark York Slope Arm Couch Review

Living Room

I was holding my breath for the couch to be delivered and it’s actually even better than I thought it would be. We could only fit a loveseat and I worried it would feel like furniture for ants. It’s SUPER deep and comfortable though. It’s also entirely slipcovered which means we can throw it in the wash (I use OxyClean) and it’ll come out looking like new. It’s how I keep the white couch in our family room clean– and I’ve had that since 2015 and it still looks great.

I picked out the performance fabric in oatmeal and love how neutral but warm it is. The dogs, obviously, made themselves right at home.

Pottery Barn Couch

COUCH (60.5″ Loveseat in Performance Brushed Basketweave, Oatmeal)



SIMILAR RUG (ours is no longer available but this one is similar– you can pick the width and length which is brilliant if you have a weird space like ours!)







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Looks nice, but I think you need a bigger rug it looks a little odd having the furniture hang off the back of it. I’ve had a couple rug sizing mishaps in my new home so I know the frustration!


To Tricia’s point, right now the furniture looks like it’s perched on wicker island waiting to see who gets voted off at tribal council. A slightly bigger rug, as seen in the open house photo, would make the living room seem more spacious.


Funny, I hated how the rug extended in the staged photos 😂 I thought it messed with the flow into the kitchen area 🤷🏻‍♀️


I actually went to the open house and I agree with you. It’s hard to tell from the picture but you left the walkway into the back of the house open.


Very lovely! A perfect spot to watch the snow with the fire ablaze and a warm cup of tea. I especially love how the pups make their way into your pictures 🙂 It’s almost like they think the posts are entirely about them and they are the stars! But then again, who couldn’t smile when their sweet little faces appear in a post?


Lovely tranquil space. I like the neutral fabrics on your upholstered pieces will allow you to add seasonal colors in your accessories i.e. pillows and throws. Are you going to add drapes eventually?


Yes to drapes or some kind of window treatment. I’m trying to find fabric I want to commit to for custom pillows/drapes! Probably a task for 2020!


Looks great, love the sofa as do your adorable pups. You’re right, it takes time to get it “right”, we have a home we built to relo to for winters at some point and it is an almost completed decorating wip too. Love Pottery Barn and they were worth the wait for our furniture too, very good quality and washable cushion covers….yay! Love what you did w the space and enjoy your holiday entertaining in it!


Hi there – FYI, I think the orchid is not dead, it’s just dormant and not blooming. You can get it to rebloom with a little TLC, or find another home for it – don’t give up on it though! 🙂


So I kind of thought the same thing!!! I’ve been keeping an eye on it and didn’t get rid of it for that same reason, haha!


Carly, Your new living room looks amazing. All the planning really made it come together and so happy you have it to enjoy thru Thanksgiving too.

Mrs Margo flanagan

I have done my living room for under £200 from car boot sales and second hand shops also my kitchen and bedroom and toilet fot £100 inc all flooring lighting second hand is a womans luxury m


I love that the coffee table isn’t square or rectangular. This is much more interesting!