Our Master Bedroom

I am so, so, so excited to share the “reveal” of our master bedroom. It’s the first officially completed room and it feels amazing to have it complete! This was also the biggest “blank slate” I tackled because we had our old furniture put in the guest room. We actually slept there for the first few months because we didn’t have a bed or even a mattress for the master.

Since the last time I shared the bedroom, we made some major changes. I liked what was going on… but realized I didn’t love it. That set me off on a borderline obsessive path to get that room in tip-top shape. I tried so many different things and spent an embarrassing amount of time looking things up online, measuring, remeasuring. Buying three options, returning what didn’t work. I’m glad I documented that first iteration because I feel like most of the “design” blogs I follow only show the final result. Maybe these people are really geniuses and get it right on the first try, but it certainly was not the case for me!!

It was a labor of love. And, I’m not going to lie here friends, I am legitimately proud of how it turned out.

Preppy Master Bedroom

The room is on the cozier side. Carter took these with a wide-angle lens to capture more of the room at once. We opted to fit a queen bed comfortably instead of squeezing in a king-sized bed. It definitely makes the room feel bigger and we’re used to having a queen bed so it doesn’t bother us at all.

Translating the vision in my head into reality took trial and error, but as soon as I started to piece things together, I could feel the room coming to life. I really wanted to capture a gender-neutral, light and bright, cozy but not stuffy hotel-y vibe.

The hardest part for me was figuring out what artwork to hang above the bed. I could NOT find anything that matched what I had in my head. Guess what though? I ended up printing out a couple of floral photos from my iPhone!!! I converted them to B&W and sent them to the pharmacy to be printed. I bought these gold bamboo frames to hang them in. (I love these frames but I had to “configure” them to hang on the wall because they come with a very bulky back and didn’t lay flat on their own. Just something to keep in mind if you want to hang them versus standing them on a table.)


Our closets are pretty small (here’s how I organized mine) so I like having larger nightstands too– especially with a basket for even more “out of sight” organization.

Custom Ruffled Pillows

After struggling with pillow selections (both color and size), I ended up finding this Etsy shop that has beautiful fabric selections and even more beautiful construction. She’s super responsive and sent fabric samples to me and everything before I confirmed my order. Highly recommend.

Naked Girlies Slipcover Headboard Bows Barn and Willow Shades

Oh man. I originally ordered some from Pottery Barn that… still haven’t arrived. I got so fed up with that and started to research other options. I had gotten a handful of ads for a custom curtain website and was ~infuenced~. 10/10 recommend Barn & Willow. For custom sized shades, they are relatively affordable and they were delivered in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. That felt unheard of. They fit perfectly and weren’t too hard to install at all. (Just needed to use my own screws because the ones they came with were too wide for the opening.)

Anthropologie Mirror

Serena and Lily Trunk

Master Bedroom

BED (Queen)








BASKETS w/ LIDS (Medium)



ROMAN SHADES (Belgian Flax Linen, Optic White, Black Out)




RUG (8’x10′)



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Joy Hambrick

Gorgeous! Congratulations, Carly, it’s amazing! I especially love how Ham & Ted match the decor 😉


Really love the texture the lampshades add! Glad to hear you’re happy with the end result – it’s so important to have a bedroom that makes you feel calm and cosy and happy to be there 🙂


Love the reveal and your honesty. Also, weird question, I’m going to assume the heater covers came with the house. But just in case, any idea on where the heater covers came from? We’re remodeling and can’t find any anywhere.


Aren’t they amazing? I actually LOVE them in the rooms, but they did come with it. I ~think~ they were custom made… a long time ago. I “inspected” a few and think they hired someone, literally, decades ago ha!


Absolutely love your rug. I’ve been having the hardest time finding nice rugs for our house and our master bedroom in particular. The Serena & Lilly website is a great find.

Monica Nguyen

Hi Carly!

I love coming to your blog and reading everyday. You are a wonderful writer and I enjoy reading through details vs a short caption on Instagram.

Two questions:
1) where did you get your backboard for your bed? Looks like a pillow?
2) I have a dog with black fur and he sheds moderately. Do you know a brand of comforters that holds up pretty well with dogs or is easy to wash and breathable?


I’ve been waiting FOREVER to re-do our master because nothing has felt just right. Needed this in inspo!!!

What is on the wall opposite your bed? Windows, closets? That’s where my bureau would be..wondering how your room is configured!