Our Weekend at the Waldorf

The Waldorf had a little Instagram challenge recently and I won by receiving the most likes on an Instagram. (It ended up being between me and another blogger, but still… Life Lesson #3847: you have to play to win.)
The prize was a stay at the Waldorf and to take over the @WaldorfNYC Instagram account for the night. What a perfect excuse for a staycation!
Garrett and I checked in on Friday afternoon and spent some time exploring the hotel and suite. The suite was legitimately four or five times the size of my apartment… I didn’t want to leave. 
I don’t think I’ll ever not get lost in the Waldorf. It’s so big and there’s always something new around the corner. But getting lost is half the fun, right?
Legend has it that the Waldorf invented the red velvet cake because of food rationing during WWII. Chefs used beet juice to sweeten the cake, which gives it the red color! So. Good.
I swear the matching pajamas were Garret’s idea. Seersucker for him and red chambray for me, both given to us by Sleepy Jones!
We slept in on Saturday… a serious luxury for a puppy owner! We would have gone downstairs for breakfast, but room service was too tempting. We ended our little stay with a trip to the rooftop garden. It’s been almost a year since our last visit and still just as breathtaking. 
A big thank you to the Waldorf for letting us take a micro-vacation! 

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It would have made your post a lot more interesting (and less bratty) if you bothered to talk about the rooftop garden. Clearly it's a functional garden as I can see both bee boxes and lettuce. Does the Waldorf grow food for their restaurant on the roof? Why have they chosen to keep bees (are they aware of the issues with colony collapse etc. and trying to support bee population)? Adding some more detail about the Waldorf in general, rather than just "yay, my OMGBOYFRIEND and I ate a lot of food in our room don't you want to be like us" would have made your post worth reading.


@carly you're much nicer than me. As you can see this CHILD has some issues and insecurities they need to figure out.

@liva really? your a grown ass woman, a TEACHER! if you didn't like the post keep it moving. why be so hurtful?


Liva, I honestly cannot understand why you even felt that this comment was necessary, not to mention appropriate. As a high school teacher, do you allow your students to blatantly bully each other and make snide remarks like this? I hope not because that is not how I want to see future generations act. Additionally, if my high school teachers acted like you do, I would have lost all respect for them, so for your sake, I hope that your students do not see your comment(s). In the future, I hope that you think before you post a rude comment on any website.

Sylvia Dennis

I am just reading this now and I am chocked from Liva's comment … women are mean to each other what world is that?

Anyway loved your post because last year at this exact time I was doing the exact same things after marrying my best friend at this right hotel 🙂 So god bless the Waldorf and their cute garden 🙂

xo Sylvia


Congrats on the contest, It looks like you had such a great time. I love the matching PJ's. So cute!



Looks like you had a blast! I love staying in hotels even in my own city – just get cozy, order room service and watch a movie 🙂


I have a question: how do those Anniel flats wear? I have a difficult time finding simple ballet flats that don't wear down and out quickly. It's a great staple that I hate to buy over and over again. Thanks!


It's been a huge dream for me to just visit the Waldorf, let alone spend a night there! Also that hearty room service breakfast looks amazing, my mouth is already watering…

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole