Outdoor Furniture + Table Settings

Oh man, two and a half months later, the apartment is starting to finallllllly come together. Maybe “come together” is the wrong word, but we’re past the “major issues” stage. And thank goodness for that because I thought it was going to break me there for a bit. But we survived!

The one thing that I was looking forward to the most when we signed the lease was the outdoor space. It has a private backyard and a little patio area and everything. We first looked at the apartment in December and moved in in March, so it didn’t look great. My BF had a vision for what the backyard could look like and I was skeptical, to say the least. I wanted to just hire someone to come back there and redo the whole thing, which was kind of stupid for a leased apartment. He took the lead and wow… it’s looking great. Hoboken, in general, is looking incredibly green, but I swear our backyard looks like freaking Ireland it’s SO GREEN.

The building next to us has ivy covering the whole building and it was looking just like dead vines for a while and now it’s just green, green, green. There’s still some work to be done, like mulching and we’re waiting for a second round of seeding to take root. Then we’ll weed, prune, and mow. But seriously, I have to admit that it looks a whole lot better than I thought it ever would.

One thing we’ve been doing every weekend when we’re not traveling is having people over for “Weekend Wellness” on Sundays. It’s kind of a free for all of anything and everything that fits into the wellness category. Breathing exercises, meditation, foam rolling, yoga, stretching, etc. We follow it up with a nice breakfast. Yesterday we did some Wim Hof method and then had breakfast outside because it was so nice.

Outdoor Table

I had a ton of questions about where everything was from on Instagram after I posted to my story. Everything is pretty much Pottery Barn from last year, but it looks like almost everything is available.

Striped Runner // Striped Napkins // Woven Chargers // Similar Napkin Rings (love these too) // Plates

I also wanted to round up some things I’ve been eyeing. My boyfriend miiiiiight kill me if I bring in another set of dishes (lol!) but we host so much– and so many people at once– that I kind of want to freshen up what dishes we have for dinner parties, especially if they’re outside! Right now I’m crushing hard on the entire line of AERIN dishes at Williams Sonoma. I want a full set for summer parties!

Outdoor Dinnerware

Floral Melamine Plates // Striped Flatware // Ardsley Napkins

Champagne Bucket // Laurel Place Setting

Gingham Napkin // Basketweave Pitcher // Strawberries Tidbit Plates

Ardsley Dinner Plates // Seashells Placemats

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Can’t wait to decorate an outdoor space some day! (the place setting you shared is perfect!) For now, I’m inspired to start my own wellness weekends 🙂


omg i just bought similar chargers the other day! your table settings are so so cute & now i think i need matching napkin holders as well. love this, thanks for the inspo 🙂