Owls Head Lighthouse

I had no idea how beautiful Maine would be. I had a vision in my head, but it was so far from how actually gorgeous the state is. Even in the pouring rain driving to our hotel, it was still incredibly picturesque.
Because we visited in between seasons (post foliage, pre snow), it was super quiet around town. At times, it felt like we were the only ones out and about! Garrett didn’t have too much time off from the EMS conference he was attending, but we made sure to visit the one place we desperately wanted to go… Owls Head Lighthouse.
Wow, was it a gorgeous spot!
We walked down to the shore to take in the views. It looked like an actual postcard. If we had had more time, I would have loved to just sit there for hours and hours soaking it all in. The one thing that surprised me more than anything was how blue the water was. If it hadn’t been 45 degrees outside, I for sure would have thought we were somewhere tropical! 
Garrett and I love to visit lighthouses whenever we can. I feel like we need to start tracking all the different ones we’ve seen together over the years. I think it’s safe to say that Owls Head Lighthouse had the best views yet!
If you haven’t visited Maine yet, put it to the top of your list. Now I’m dying to visit again during the summer!

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La Creative Latina Diva

I must agree with you on Maine's beauty. And the amount of light houses that you can see is truly amazing. I visited often as I can and the only season I have missed is Fall. Definitely on top of my must do list.


We started a plan to visit every lighthouse on this coast a couple years ago! Let me know if you want suggestions– I've added a directory on my blog as well 😛