Crushing On: Partners & Spade

I’ve been researching what seems like a million and a half things for various projects. While the to-do list itself can seem overwhelming from time to time, I have what I like to call “gem moments” almost every single day. I swear, just as I’m going to throw my arms in the air and just lay my head down on my desk, I stumble on the perfect thing. 
9 times out of 10, the “gem” that I find absolutely doesn’t contribute to my research for that particular project. But they’re so inspiring or just so perfect that I can’t help but feel a little more energized. Revitalized even.
An almost dead-end search had me on the Partners & Spade website. Did I drool on my desk? Maybe. I was so intrigued by the whimsical advertisements for some of my favorite brands. Unlike some other ads, the wit and the charm are super tangible. It’s like a storybook, but one in which you might actually live in. 
The umbrellas? I just can’t even.

The crewcuts is really quite cute. Larger than life balloon animals, a teepee, a cute dog, and plenty of space to play in… what else could a pint-size person want?

As much as I love the J. Crew ads, the Kate Spade ones really get me. The Carlyle is right in my neighborhood, so of course I just love the adorableness of this one!

Just yes. Absolutely yes.

The advertisements are awesome, but Partners & Spade also do the most beautiful in-store displays (and events too). Can my apartment just look like this? Is that asking too much?
What do you think?

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Dixie Girl

I just don't 'get' the first J Crew ad. What exactly is being sold? Is J Crew a meat distributor? Do they represent butchers? Why is one gentleman sitting on a ladder dressed in a suit? I will say that the ad is memorable and that it caught my attention. But it confuses me more than it motivates me to spend my money at J Crew.


That was for the Men's stores! If you're ever in NYC, you must check them out. Honestly, they're WAY more than clothing stores. Quite the "experience" for shopping!

Sam (Savvy City Chic)

I love all those ads! I also love the Hermes ads. They always use the best colors in them. It might be because I'm in advertising/marketing, but I appreciate inventive ads more than others.