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Hmm… so lately I’ve been struggling with this whole “perfection” thing. I am definitely a perfectionist and I hate it. It’s all-consuming and extremely exhausting. I’ve beent trying to “let things go” more and trying to “go with the flow”… yep, it’s been quite the challenge. I know that perfection is not possible, but of course I still try all the time to constantly get closer and closer. This definitely helps my work ethic, but it takes a toll on my brain for sure!
Last week, while scrolling through Tumblr (read: procrastinating), I came across this ridiculous video that someone had made. It was obnoxiously “perfect.” As in, completely unrealistic. If someone really has a job where they can sit in cafés drinking lattes and eating cupcakes while throwing lavish parties in the evenings…. please let me know where and when I can apply.
I also read this blog post (I can’t find it anymore, let me know if you know where it is and I’ll re-link it up) about a mom who felt pressured to make a perfect Barbie cake for her daughter after seeing it on Pinterest… I think we’re too fascinated with being perfect. Whether it’s throwing the perfect birthday party (with the perfect printables, of course). Or wearing a perfect head-to-toe outfit. Or having a perfect résumé.
I’m frustrated by all these “perfects” out there.
I found this old proverb, “A beautiful thing is never perfect” and I thought it was the a great addition to this post. It kind of sums up exactly what I feel!
I know that finding images on Pinterest or creating cute videos can be used as “inspiration.” But for me, I’m much much much more inspired by hard work. Go ahead and play the cute video, but also show me the hard work that went into creating the video. Display the beautiful images of your desktop, but also show me the long hours you spend working on it. Let me watch you dance, but also share the story of how it came together.
I like hearing about the climb and all the sweat/tears/blood that went into getting it completed. THAT is what inspires me to work harder and be better… not the final or end result, but the whole process.
Now that I have that off my chest… I’m on the hunt for the most inspiring people out there!!! If you have a close friend at school or work who has done something extremely inspiring, fill out this form!!! (Even if you don’t know them personally, let me know!)

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@thecollegeprepster Love the post and so true!!!! Is there anyway you could make an iPad, iPhone, and Desktop background of this, as a daily reminder!!!!! Thanks so much 🙂

Samantha Elisabeth

I'm a crazy perfectionist too! I'm trying to fix it. The stress and exhaustion aren't worth it, and it isn't something I want to carry into the real world.