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Perfect Socks for Boots

It’s officially boot season here. And I am so excited! I just think boots look super cute with tons of different outfits. But, they’re also one of my favorite things to wear because… I always wear crazy socks underneath. Always.
It’s kind of like how tech venture capitalists wear funny socks. I only like to wear fun socks under my boots!!! It’s just a silly little thing, and no one ever sees (unless I’m going through security in the airport).
Here are some of my favorite fun sock selections for different kinds of boots:
What are your favorite socks to wear? What other kinds of boots do you have and what socks do you wear with them?
PS Free People has amazing socks! These are perfect for Bean Boots!

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Katie Miller

Smart wool socks are literally the most amazing socks, all the warm benefits of real wool but they don't itch at all and you can wash them like regular socks…I've even put them in the dryer with no shrinking!

Kayla Holder

I use really tall socks for my riding boots to keep my jeans in place without bunching up around the top of the boot or my knee!

For my bean boots, I use Smart Wool socks because they are warm and thick enough to fill up the extra space in Bean Boots. They are great for narrow feet because Bean Boots run bigger, and the socks are thick enough to fill up the extra space 🙂


I'm the same! My H&M bright colored socks are thin enough without being flimsy. Love them with my riding boots. I'm a tiny bit sad boot weather is ending in Australia, but when I'm home (USA) for xmas it'll be boots everyday again!


Great post, especially since I bought my first pair of riding boots and really looking forward to wearing them. 🙂 Unfortunately, here in California, it's still 80 degree weather so I got a while until I can finally wear them!


I need to get a pair of Bean boots! Love all of these socks – I'm also such a sucker for cute, crazy socks 🙂