Photo edit!

[Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be a professional photographer. This is just fun. So all you anonymous commenters who feel the need to tell me I’m not a famous artist, don’t worry. I know. K thanks. ]

The little girls I babysit for are absolutely precious. These two are my neighbors. Love ’em to death. Their mom was coming home from a trip and they wanted pictures to put on the “Welcome Home” sign.

We made an entire day of it. Baths, hair dos, “makeup,” nail polish. The works. We then proceeded to spend all of 4 minutes outside before the heat got the best of us.

If you’ve ever tried to get a 5 year old or a baby to hold still to get a picture, you know you just take what you can get. There is no “redo.” I basically kept my finger on the shutter button the entire 4 minutes. And I only got a few good shots. And those that I did get needed major editing. [Hello, there is NO time to turn on a flash when you’re chasing around an 18 month old!]

Here’s an example of before and after. After is above (obvi) and Before is below.
I used some basic photoshopping. Lightened the pic a bit. Made her eyes a bit more sparkly (actually harder than it looks with brown eyes, trust me). A little teeth whitening. And viola. A better looking picture.

I love that the girls are holding hands. I told them to run inside while I searched the grass for the lens cover. I peeked up to make sure they were heading for the door not the street and captured this beauty. Obsessed!

Oh my word. Those curls are just too-die-for. Plus, her little birth mark below her eye? PRESH.

A REAL smile. Whoa. And the only picture where she wasn’t squinting her little eyes from the sun.

Does anyone have other tips for getting good pictures of kids?


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North of 25A

First of all, if you were my kids' babysitter & you did all that I would give you a bonus! I think the pictures are amazing and I am sure the Mom was really touched by your thoughtfulness. As far as getting kids to cooperate, well, that is another matter all together. I am not above bribery, however.