While my mom was in town, she helped me really tackle a huge project. (She’s always up for a project and I’m so thankful.) We turned the semi-finished portion of the basement into a proper playroom and it looks AMAZING. I’m going to do a whole reveal of it once it’s finalized…. the only thing missing right now is playroom wall art. My goal is to keep the space clean and open and airy. It’s already a basement with shorter ceilings, so it can feel cramped quickly– and piles of toys definitely don’t help that! I also want it to be able to grow past baby-stage. Jack is ON THE MOVE, so we need a safe space where he can explore and play and discover. I’m looking forward to all the cozy mornings and winter days down there already (for now anyway, ha).

I started the hunt for the perfect wall decor and prints for the playroom and found so many options. I’m still deciding which direction to go with, but here are just some of the pieces that caught my eye. The hope is that they’ll grow with him (and any potential future siblings) for a while. I kind of want them all…. so fun and colorful, but not overwhelming! I also love how gender neutral they are. I wish they had such cool playroom wall art when I was a kid!

Playroom Wall Art

playroom wall art

Pretzel Man // Rock On Hand // Tea at the Plaza Hotel

Illustrated Alphabet // Woodland Alphabet // Crayons*

Cool Kids Club // Planet Ceiling Mobile

World Map // Today I’m Feeling

Alligator// Serena the Snake

Dog Alphabet // Feel Good ABCs // Colors

Planet Sugarium // Bike // Leopard

Blue Boat // Happy Alphabet // Santa Cruz Gondola

* This is my favorite playroom wall art so far I think!!! I can’t stop thinking about it…


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