Polished Look

Rabbit, Rabbit!
I’ve becoming more and more addicted to painting my nails.  Honestly, it’s becoming a problem!!! haha
I used to absolutely HATE wearing polish.  I didn’t mind the polish between hours 2 and 4 on the first day after a manicure.  The tackiness gave me the creeps during the first hour and I was paranoid about chips after hour 4.
Don’t even get me started on the nail polish remover. BAH.
I picked up this little box of essie polishes from J. Crew a few weeks ago.  I love that the size of the bottles are tiny; little samples!  

I’ve been testing them all out (except for the Vermillionaire because I thought it was too cliche for October haha).
Here are pictures of all the polishes with the description from the box.
BBF Best Boyfriend- A classic creamy mauve 
Mink Muffs- A smoky plush taupe
Demure Vixen- Iridescent cocoa mauve
And now, some of my other faves:
OPI- Lucky, Lucky Lavender
Essie- Chubby Cheeks
My steps for painting nails:
Remove previous polish
Wash hands.
Wash hands again.
Wash hands again. (three times is really necessary)
Use a dab (super small amount) of lotion on hands.
Use left hand to paint right nails.
Use right hand to paint left nails.
Paint right nails again with second coat.
Paint left nails again with second coat.
Paint over all nails with OPI top coat.
DON’T MOVE FOREVER.  Just kidding, but I really don’t move my fingers for like 20 minutes…. 

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I am such a freak for nail polish but hate sitting still for so long. I use OPI's drip dry drops & they're completely dried in about 4 minutes! Might wanna check it out

Tamara //

Hi CP!

You should invest in a fast drying topcoat. Some popular ones are:

-Seche Vite (can be purchased for half price at
-NYC New York Minute called Grand Central Station (can be purchased at drugstores, Walmart, etc.)

Also, check out,, and You can get many great nail polish brands for half price!

Finally, check out nailgal for all your polish needs. If you see a polish online, you can search nailgal to get an idea of how it will look on you. They have many brands, and you can even search by color.

Rachel :)

Another vote for the Seche Vite Fast drying top coat. It's about $7 at Sally's and totally worth it. It dries my nails in about 2 minutes. No tackiness to deal with anymore.

Also, I wouldn't recommend putting hand cream on right before. The lotion residue will be on your nails and the oils will affect how good the polish stays on.
I use a basecoat by Orly called Bonder. It is awesome!


Try Shellac by Creative Nail Design it is a nodamaging gel manicure last 2 weeks without a chip and is dry immediately. I only wish they had more colors but I hear there will be more after the first of the year! and I love the top two essie colors!


This is so funny because I have also become addicting to painting my nails in the last few months. I highly recommend OPI's chipskip underneath the basecoat. I am also a huge fan of Seche Vite topcoat!

The Pink Tutu

I have the same mini Essie's from J. Crew and love them! So perfect for fall. I had Mink Muffs on last week and will be using BBF tonight. I like the mini versions because I don't think I've ever gone through a whole bottle of polish. The Chubby Cheeks is very pretty as well!