I always sit in the front of the classroom. Half the time I have no idea who is actually in the class because I literally never turn around. Sometimes when we have group presentations, I’m shocked at the number of people that I just didn’t know were in the class.
Last year, one of my friends asked someone if they knew who I was… and he replied “Oh, is she the one who always sits in the front with a ponytail?” I’m not kidding, I made included wearing ponytails less frequently in my 2011 Manifesto because of that comment. A year or so later and I’ve definitely been wearing my hair down more than I wear it up. (Getting my hair cut super short in October also helped with this…)
My hair is finally long enough for a normal looking ponytail again. And now that it’s getting warmer, it’s much easier for me to pull it back. Especially if it’s humid outside (hello, frizzies) and especially when I’m stressed. Like now… with finals.
I also tend to go through ponytail holders at an insane rate. I buy a giant pack every month and they all seem to disappear or stretch out too much, or just flat out break. Anyone else have this problem? I swear, ponytail holders are designed to only last for a few holds.
[Confession: I reached into the pocket of a winter coat I was packing up and found six…. six…. ponytail holders. haha]

Now that I’m wearing my hair down more frequently, I still like to have “emergency” holders in case I need/want to pull my hair up. I strongly dislike wearing them around my wrist. I don’t like the way it looks and I have a bad habit of snapping them when I get anxious. So what’s a girl to do?
Jump on a bandwagon naturally.
Emi-Jay Hair Ties were the “first” (I think… right?) of the hair tie trend. They are made of soft fabric and supposedly they don’t leave a dent in your hair.
(Although, for the record… I still get dents, but they’re not as noticeable as regular holders.)
Now that they’ve gained some popularity, it seems like every retailer is selling their own version of the hair ties. I was shopping last weekend and found some in Anthropologie and H&M. Because I wasn’t so sure about whether they would actually work in my thick hair, I bought the cheap version from H&M.
They work!!!!
Here’s why I like them:
They’re colorful.
Can be worn around wrist.
The “tail” can be tucked in or left out.
Perfect amount of stretchiness.
Cool factor.
I suggest hunting around a bit for affordable ties. I don’t see any reason to spend a lot of money on them. I think I paid $4 or $5 for six hair ties at H&M.
Etsy is a good place… In fact, it might be the best place. A lot of Etsy shops allow you to pick and choose colors to create your own packs. (I didn’t like a couple of the colors I got stuck with at H&M.)
Ah! How cute is the giraffe??? Little V would love those!

Tons of colors to choose from!

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Landi Lausen

I have one in my hair right now 😉 only bad thing is they're pretty pricey… I just found some for $2/each at a boutique here so that's not as bad as I normally see them for about $4/each. I love all the different patterns and colors… the one I have in my hair now is tie died purple and white – go Frogs 😉


You can make these so easily! The material used is called fold-over elastic. You can get it at most craft stores for super cheap. Then just cut it to the length you want (it's good for hair ties and headbands) and then just tie a knot. It doesn't fray and it's a lot cheaper than buying them at the store!


Hey there! Thanks for including my Etsy shop!! Maybe we could hook up and do a giveaway!
Have a great day!


If only there really were a truly dent-less hair tie! It's hard to look cute when you have bumps on your head.


I am pretty sure I have like 15 of these!! I just keep buying more and more and the worst part is that they sell them at my school?!? So I am ALwAYS tempted to add some to the group!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

Elle Hawthorne

My friend made 80 of these from $11 worth of material from Hobby Lobby! I've been meaning to set aside a little craft day and make them, because I just feel silly spending $2.50 a pop on them now (but I love them ssssso much…)