Preppy Basics

I generally post my outfits to Instagram and Tumblr. I don’t post them every day though. Sometimes I wonder if other people wonder what I wear on days where I’m outfit-less on Instagram. I fall into these traps where I wear the same type of outfit on “lazy” days. For example, I seriously wore the same outfit every single Friday when I was at school. (I didn’t have Friday classes so I would be pretty low-key, studying in my room or the library.)
Right now, it’s so so so hot in Florida. And humid. It’s seriously difficult to breathe sometimes outdoors because the air is super thick. I’ve been turning to the same outfit over and over again. It’s simple and easy and super fresh. Perfect for sitting in my room all day working and then okay enough where I can slip out and run a few errands around town. (Or even go to lunch!)
It probably seems crazy to wear long sleeves and jeans in such hot weather, but buildings are super air conditioned. The only time we really spend outside is running to and from the car.
What’s your go-to “basic” look?

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Hunter boots, knee-high socks, jean shorts, a flannel shirt with rolled sleeves, a simple clip holding my hair out of my face but down, RBs – tortoise

Julia D.

Unbuttoned oxford shirt with a tank underneath, and leggings. Sometimes I'll thrown on a cute scarf to make it a bit nicer. I really like your basic look though!


For summer, my daily "uniform" consists of either chino shorts or dark wash jeans with either a button down or a tank with a cardigan. Shoes-wise, I usually wear flip-flops or flats.



For fall and winter, my basic go-to outfit is probably an oversized sweater or button down, black leggings, and black riding boots. Sometimes I add a scarf. For summer it's probably an oxford, sperrys, and navy shorts. I like your basic look!

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Loving this classic summer outfit! My go to combination would have to be my J.Crew Chino shorts and chambray button down top.