Preppy Crunch!

I love my blackberry. (Even though I’m drooling over the Droid… I feel like I need the star gazing app- so much fun to play with!)

My favorite part about Blackberries? BBM [Blackberry Messenger] of course.

However, my new favorite freshman (I guess they’re rising sophomores now)… anyways he’s awesome and we’re kinda twins. Everyone gets annoyed when we find something else we have in common.

Anyways, he downloaded this new application called Crunch SMS. It’s legit. And makes regular messages look like ones on iPhones. I love that it reads like a conversation instead of having to open every individual messages.

I customized my text bubbles to be pink and green! It makes texting so much preppier!

I think you have to set up a firewall (or something) to block texts from entering your normal SMS message box and redirect it to the Crunch SMS app. Otherwise you’ll get texts in both boxes.


UPDATE (May 23, 2010): Here are my color codes
Incoming Bubble Color: RED 170, GREEN 250, BLUE 105
Outgoing Bubble Color: RED 255, GREEN 125, BLUE 180
Selected Bubble Color: RED 10, GREEN 205, BLUE 230

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Abby =)

I just stumbled upon your blog and I am SO, SO excited! The name caught my attention right away but then I saw DC and I freaked out. I go to American. =)

Anyway, I love your layout and I can't wait to read more.



And here Blackberrys were formerly associated with the stuffy, corporate set. Love the pink and green!


WOW!! I am just a recent BlackBerry owner and I am in love with BBM… and now I am going to have to find this download, thanks for the info!


how did you make it pink? I figured out how to change the colors but what red/blue/green combo did you use?


you were the only website that actually gave the codes for the colours (: thaank youu !!