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Before we get into the thick of the holidays, I wanted to share my favorite gift wrap. I love these sheets for any time of year, but especially for the holidays. My favorite thing is to do is create a gift wrap “suite” to lean on through the holidays. Over the top? Maybe. But it brings me joy! I love seeing all the coordinating wrapping paper under the tree!!

Last year I made a big purchase and couldn’t find it. (We were in a tough stretch with Jack and I think it just got lost in the shuffle.) I ended up finding it months later so I’m all set for this year… but had to share again on the blog in case you’re in need. It’s so fun to mix and match all of her prints– they go together so well.

Red Gingham // Red Bows // Red Toile 

If you do end up coming up with your own “gift wrapping suite” please let me know what you got!


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Once of my favorite holiday memories growing up was going to KMart with my mom and picking out our new Martha Stewart wrapping paper. (RIP MS KMart products – they were hands down the best houseware products EVER). We would also pick up probably a dozen coordinating papers and tags and then narrow it down to the perfect 3-4.


I did a combo of the blue Oh Christmas Tree wrap and the blue Paris Apartments for this Christmas, with blue satin ribbon!


Such cute prints! When you say “wrapping suite” do you mean like a wrapping station you set up? I wrap gifts as they are purchased because I like seeing them nestled under the tree all season and not just for a day or 2. Also helps wrapping be less stressful vs. doing it at the last minute!