School Supplies

I’m kind of dying over all the school supplies available right now. I have a surplus of notebooks and notepads and pens, so I would love to live vicariously through you. ?

Here are some of my favorites:

Lilly Pulitzer School Supplies


 Large Notebook // Printed Agenda // Agenda Bonus Pack

Pen Set // Sticky Note Set

So one quick note about the agendas. I loved mine in college, but since graduating I do all my planning with Google Calendar. As much as I love the agendas, I just can’t make them work in my daily life anymore. BUT. I just saw that Lilly has a to-do list planner this year! I just ordered it and cannot wait. You can see what the pages look like inside on the website, but basically they’re non-dated perfectly formatted daily to-dos. Yay!

Kate Spade School Supplies

Large Agenda // Bow Paper Clips

Polka Dot Spiral Notebook // Pencil Pouch

Gold Stripe Notebook // Pen Set

And I have to share one really cute Kate Spade option: a lunch tote! Is that absolutely adorable, or what?!


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Rachael Draper

OMG the to-do planner, I need that. Do you think the after party sale is going to be soon (like next week)??


I think so… it’s typically the third Monday which would be this Monday coming up!


Hey Carly! I love this post. Have you checked out Emily Ley’s website? She has amazing agendas with a place for daily to dos along with awesome organizational stuff!


I didn’t know that Lilly had a to-do planner, I may have to get that for next year because that’s basically what I use my planner as!


Hi Carly! Have you ever considered trying a passion planner? As a graduate student, I prefer to have a hard copy planner, but I also think I’ll continue using it once I’m done with school! I love it for goal-setting and reminding myself to schedule some fun personal things alongside my work and school responsibilities.


Ahh I love school supplies too! While I am in the same boat that I really don’t need any more school supplies I can’t resist from buying more!