Tennis Whites

I love being able to wear dresses all day, every day during the summer. But I’ve been trying to branch out and wear my shorts more. I don’t know how, but I completely forgot about a huge stack of shorts I had in a basket in my closet. Critter shorts, printed shorts, chino shorts. I was flipping through and rediscovered my scalloped white shorts. They ended up inspiring this outfit.

While I took tennis lessons in elementary school, I’m not a tennis player, although I’m dying to take lessons. (I think I’m going to take indoor lessons over the winter, so I’m ready to go for next summer.) Even still, I was clearly feeling the tennis vibe. Fun, right?

Green Lacoste Polo

love Lacoste polos. I wear them like t-shirts but like how they make me feel just a smidge more put together.

Preppy Tennis Scalloped Shorts Tennis Outfit Vineyard Vines Hat

I’m finally figuring out the magic of the baseball cap. Dirty hair? Baseball cap. Frizzy hair? Baseball cap. No time to style hair in the morning? Baseball cap.

Vineyard Vines White Hat White Scalloped Shorts White Supergas

Photos by Liv Burns

Lacoste Polos // Scalloped Shorts // White Sweater // Sneakers // Sunglasses // Baseball Cap // Similar Necklaces

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I love this look on you! I’ve been considering buying a Lacoste polo for the longest time and love the green.

Tori A.

Those shorts are too cute! I’ve always wanted to take up tennis, but I’m pretty sure that I won’t be transforming into Serena Williams anytime soon…

Tori A. from Prep For A Day


Hey, I really like your outfit! 😀
Especially your Superga on sneakers look great.
Are they comfy without any socks?


So cute –
I used to get emails when your blog had the old format, but I haven’t been getting them for the latest blog posts. Is there a way to subscribe on this format?
Thanks! 🙂


Because I switched to WordPress, the emails stopped… But I will have the emails back up soon! Thanks for your patience!


I love polos too. They look much better than regular t-shirts and are really comfy! Plus, scalloped shorts are my favorite, they are the cutest 🙂

Jess Zimlich

I played golf growing up (and all the way through high school) but I retired all my polos once I got to college. This makes me want to buy new ones and starting wearing them again! Green looks great on you 🙂


You look freakin’ GOOD. I really love this look on you! And I love your hair like this, too.

I’ve played tennis competitively for most of my life but stopped when I moved. Last winter I joined a class, and it was one of the best decisions ever! The classes had different playing levels, and I was put into a group with a bunch of 40 y/o men, haha. They were all really great players, and so nice. A couple got their wives to join so I’d have females to hang out with, too. I loved the experience and can’t wait to join Tuesday night tennis again! It’s also a wonderful way to meet people in your area! Highly recommend!


Oh, one more thing- I love the new site layout, but would like to suggest moving the “leave a comment” area on top of the published comment area so folks don’t have to scroll as much.


I love this post because it reminds me so much of your origins. I’m biased though cuz I love tennis style anyway. xo