Princeton University

On Saturday, Garrett and I had an entire free day with nothing to do. Well, I worked until around 11:30am, but I had dropped Teddy off for a little vacation for the weekend and Garrett and I had the Chevy Traverse that GM had loaned us. We could have gone anywhere! I spent about twenty minutes scrolling through destinations within driving distance of NYC. Princeton University was on the list and I knew it would be the best day trip!
I’ve been to Princeton a number of times because of crew. I actually learned how to cox at a rowing camp there after my sophomore year of high school. This was the first time where I could go have not an ounce of anxiety. No regatta! No coxing! Actually, we drove right by the boat house on the way in and I had a tiny knot in my stomach just thinking about racing!
Walking around college campuses (not as a student!) has to be one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. I will also admit… Princeton is definitely one of the most beautiful campuses!
We might not have picked the best Saturday to go as there was a wave of some freshmen moving in. The hustle and bustle was really fun and the nostalgia was at an all-time high, but oh my word, I couldn’t handle watching parents saying goodbye to their kids. (And vice versa.) In fact, I lost it. After watching a particular set of parents hug their son and watching the son and father both have the same worried and anxious expression, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get back in the car where I cried for twenty minutes. How do parents do it?! 
We actually worked our way from the back of campus to the front gates and then walked around town. Amazing stores and restaurants. My friends told me about a couple of ice cream places including The Bent Spoon and Thomas Sweet. Georgetown had a T Sweets so I voted for that!
The ivy. Oh, the ivy. I want to go back again when the leaves on the trees just start changing. 
What’s your favorite college campus?

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Alyssa J Freitas

I go to school at The College of New Jersey and I am constantly going to walk around the town of Princeton! I really like ice cream from the Bent Spoon; it's a favorite. My vote for prettiest college campus is definitely TCNJ though. The architecture is colonial rather than gothic which I prefer.

Alyssa J Freitas

Lisy M.

That made me smile 🙂 My favorite is Furman University's campus. It is an old school (founded in the 1800's) with much history. There is a beautiful lake complete with swans and ducks. There is a walking/bike trail on campus that goes around the lake. It is situated in the up and coming town of Greenville, SC. Greenville has much to offer such as the amazing Reedy River park and many yummy restaurants in every budget and coffee shops and ice creameries. There is a children's museum and a local theatre. You can't not find something to do there, whether on campus or off!

Tara Louise

princeton is my grandfather's alma mater and i absolutely love it there! i think it's one of the prettiest college campuses in the country. also, i love your monochrome outfit! so cute 🙂


Even though I went to the University of Texas for undergrad, I once took a road trip to Vanderbilt and thought it was beautiful (plus, Nashville is awesome)! I also worked at Boston College for 2 years after I graduated and I think their campus is gorgeous also.

Mollie Taylor

Oh my goodness! My boyfriend left yesterday to start his freshman year at Princeton! I was so sad that he was leaving, but after seeing the campus I could not be anything but thrilled for him! It is truly beautiful! I am so happy for him and I honestly believe reading your blog today was a God thing! It seriously affirmed that this is where he is supposed to be!

3 Peanuts

My oldest, Will is looking at colleges now (he's 17 and a junior in HS). In a few weeks he is visiting William and Mary and UVA. I am so excited for him but so sad for me. I cannot imagine moving him in his dorm in less than 2 years. I love having him around. I will be a mess! I grew up near Princeton. it is beautiful.
Have a great weekend!

Katherine L

I've been looking into grad schools lately, but one of my main criteria has been, "is it pretty?". Which I know is a bit sad, and a horrible way to base my choice, but if I'm going to commit to a 9 month intensive program, I want to enjoy walking into my buildings everyday!



I used to visit Princeton all the time when I was younger. My mom would take me about once a year to go on a tour and tell me that if I wanted to go to a school like that then I'd have to study and work really hard. So many good memories of spending day trips with my mom there. Such a beautiful campus.