Professional Look by Tuckernuck

I met up with my friends at Tuckernuck to do a quick shoot in Union Square a few weeks ago. They’ve posted a few (more) of the shots on their blog.
I ran out of the office to take the photos in between meetings and I just love the way Union Square looks in them! It’s such a fun place to have lunch outside and shop the market on Fridays. The skirt I wore is absolutely perfect for wearing to the office. It’s a super classic shape and I love the length. It looks great with gold wedges. I wore one of my favorite button downs from J. Crew with ruffle details on the collar and sleeves. And, because the weather in NYC is always unpredictable, a trench coat is never a bad idea.

What do you wear to the office?

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I love your outfit! I wish I could find a way to make a look like this work on me. I always feel so awkward!


LOVE the skirt! I noticed you aren't wearing panty hose and it looks great. I can never decide when I need them and when I can forgo them as far as work/internship is concerned. I'd love to see a post your thoughts about dos and don'ts for the office!


Carly, you look fantastic as always. I just found your blog this weekend and have read all of it. Thank you for being so awesome! 🙂



You look amazing! I love the trench coat, such a classic colour, and you're right, it is perfect when there is changing weather!

Jessica Randall

My go-to summer office wear is a simple not-too fitted sleeveless shift dress (easy to find in many colors and patterns) that covers from collarbone to just above my knee (professional but not stodgy) and a complimentary cardi (90 outside, 65 inside lol my favorite is the J.Crew Jackie in any color) with my silver flats and usually simple silver or pearl accessories.

3 Peanuts

so cute! I adore that skirt! This is exactly how I dress for work. I have new clients tonight and have a cute blue and white striped nautical dress. I usually dress in classic skirts and shirts or dresses for work.