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I’ve been taking some time off for some seriously needed R&R. I’ll fill you in on that later, but for now… it’s just me and a pile of books and my bed and Netflix.
Now, I love Netflix, but there are, like, no good movies anymore. Which is fine because the TV shows are good. But, um… they just added The Babysitters Club. Yes, welcome back to my childhood.
I’m sure that I’m not the only one who read all the books (and even the little sister books with Karen!), watched all the videos, and the movies? (At the first sleepover party I ever went to, we all watched one of the movies which had just come out!)
I must have watched the videos so many times, because I remember way too many of the plots and lines. Oh, and I’ve definitely been humming the theme song for the past 24 hours.
Anyone else a fan of the Babysitters Club series?

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I basically lived/breathed the BSC when I was in elementary school. I think I read every single book and super special that ever came out.

I think it's interesting to ask people to describe themselves in terms of the BSC. Like I think I'm a Stacy with a little bit of Kristy thrown in. (If I had to guess, I'd think you were a Kristy as well–type A and driven!)

Also, I knew my editor and I were meant to be when we were going over my MS, and she goes, "You know, I hate when people write Chapter Two of the Babysitter's Club in order to introduce all their characters." It made me laugh because I always remember skipping chapter two of every single BSC book–it was always the same paragraphs about all seven (eight?) girls.

Rambling–sorry! But this brought back a lot of memories.

xo Tierney

Jodi Steele

"Say hello to your friends – Babysitters Club! Say hello to the people who care…" Now it's stuck in my head too! lol 🙂

Alexandra Steinmetz

Oh. My. Goodness. Last year I got several BSC books at a used book store and reread them just because. I absolutely LOVED it. I also love the fact that a young Zach Braff is in one of these episodes. I definitely know what my next "must watch" is!


So, this post just made my NIGHT! As I am reading this, I am singing the Babysitter's Club theme song in my head (Babysitter's club, say hello to your friends…) So good! I can't want for a summer rainy day when I can watch some episodes. Thank so much for sharing this amazing news!

Miss ALK

I never knew that they made a TV series! I saw one of the movies and read as many of the books as I can get my hands on! I still own two: Kristi's Big Day and the Super Special book where the babysitters get stranded on an island. Loved those books! Key part of my childhood.

xoxo Miss ALK

Pirate Flags and Pearls

I'm going to have to get my own Netflix after reading this! BSC was my life. I was enrolled in their fan club and still have a box of books around my house somewhere. Mallory's Christmas Wish and Boy-Crazy Stacey were my first two books given to my by my grandmother. I read them to the point where I would have to duct tape the spines because they started coming apart. Loved Claudia and Stacey!


I wonder if there were more seasons. Ahh watching makes you remember when life was so 'nice' and simple. haha 🙂


Hi. Not sure if you ever look at, or comment on archived posts, but I'll keep commenting anyway (laughs). I somehow found these on Netflix and watched them, too. Though I felt sort of weird. I couldn't believe they had them! It's crazy how time flies.

My sister and I read stacks of both books growing up, and rented the videos on Friday nights. Most memorably, we brought out the "BSC" board game whenever we had babysitters come over! The game required you to think like a babysitter, which I loved to do when I was six or seven.

I'm a sucker for my childhood books. Recently I donated clothing to a thrift store and came across tons of "Little Sister" books which I proceeded to buy for my future children 🙂