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I’ve been absolutely hitting the wall every afternoon. I believe that my brain is very aware of the impending end of summer. Oh, I cannot wait for fall clothes… but I do so love bright summer mornings and the never-ending light of the nights.
Mornings are my jam. The minute my alarm goes off, I pretty much jump out of bed. (There’s about five seconds where I consider hitting snooze… but then I remember how nice it is to not feel rushed in the morning and I’m up!) I really tend to crank through detailed work all the way past noon and move into higher level thinking work for the afternoon. Maybe it’s the amount of stress I put on my brain for the thinking (I swear, thinking must burn as many calories as a marathon), but I get exhausted every day around 4.
When this happens, I have a few options. A quick walk up and down the stairs might do the trick. Or a longer walk to get coffee (obviously good for two reasons). Music is another option. It’s cheaper than coffee and does the trick when you can’t really get up from your desk.
Now, I have a bunch of playlists and stations set up for really slow, mellow music for white noise essentially while I’m heads down. Great for the morning. Not so great when I’m approaching (or hitting) that proverbial wall.
I had been playing songs on repeat on Youtube and Spotify (just upgraded to Premium!), but decided to just go ahead and make a playlist for that afternoon pick-me-up. So far, so good.
Any songs I should add? What song gets you pumped up?

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Vett Vandiver

such a great list and some of my favorites! I'd add a few rap songs or really any song that I can dance to in my chair at work, haha! and congrats on one year at your NYC job! xoxo


This is such a great play list! I love to listen to some good country music to pump myself up. Usually a good Miranda Lambert song helps, but I really like the song "Drinks After Work" by Toby Keith! It is such a fun song and really motivates me to get through my day 🙂


Fairy Princess Jord

Okay I have basically been listening to this exact same playlist, I have been obsessed with Royals, We Can't Stop, I love it and Made in the USA on repeat the past few days. They're great songs to get out of a sleepy funk, although, to be honest, coffee is the ultimate afternoon perk me up…morning person problems.

Human Racing

My pump up song for some time now is "Backseat Freestyle" by Kendrick Lamar. It always makes me like a badass before I have to take any sort of risk! 🙂


Ah! Forget about paying premium! You all should check out – search for any and every song and listen to it for free! they are still working on a better phone app but OMG I absolutely love it!


I'm fully on the "Blurred Lines" bandwagon this summer… and "Get Lucky" hasn't gotten old to me yet either. 🙂