Pumpkin Picking in Plaid

really wanted to go to a real pumpkin patch on Monday. But I had a busy morning getting back into the email grind after being away from my desk all week. Then, as I was getting ready to go, I remembered it was a school holiday. Nipped those plans in the bud. (I try to avoid the weekend crowds for things like that, which we can thankfully do with flexible/non-traditional work schedules.)

I did a bit of Googling and found what looked like a promising nursery. These things are hit or miss, and I couldn’t quite tell from their website. We went anyway and seriously; it was like driving up to heaven on earth for a fall-obsessed person like myself. Mums as far as the eye can see and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. (Reynolds Farms if you’re in CT; I highly recommend!!)

Reynolds Farm

Fall is such a fleeting season, blink and you go from sweating in a swimsuit to shivering in a snowsuit. I intend to soak up every single minute of this crisp air.

Pumpkin Picking Outfits

Monday was the first day I broke out my riding boots. I’ve had these since 2008, and they get better and better every year. (I have gotten them re-soled and weather-proofed at a cobbler a few times.)

Boat and Tote Monogrammed Bag

My new monogrammed tote was the perfect size for the pumpkin I picked out!

Pumpkin Picking Outfit

I couldn’t resist the corduroy touches on this vest!

J. Crew Excursion Vest  Tory Burch Riding Boots

Monogrammed Boat and Tote

The only thing missing was some hot apple cider. Speaking of which: I don’t love Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks but the Apple Spice?!?!? OMG. I wish I didn’t know how great it tastes. It’s the best drink they’ve ever come up with to be honest.

Plaid Shirt // Corduroy Vest //  Jeans // Similar Riding Boots // Monogrammed Boat and Tote // Similar Necklace // Similar Watch


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I bought the same exact vest last week and am in love. That corduroy detail really makes it stand out. I get compliments on it wherever I go!


I have to try that apple spice because I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice either!

Quick question – when you go to a business to take pictures for your blog or Instagram, do you ask permission from the owner or worker? Or what is your rule of thumb with taking pictures of and at specific places?


If it’s going to be a big ordeal (like when we had the dogs at the orchard) we asked. This time I didn’t have to ask because the lady immediately told us the Instagram hashtag (like a blogger-sense hahaha) when we walked inside. We got those photos in under 5 minutes so we’re in and out.


I should add, 99% of the time they’re totally on board because they get that they’re going to get some kind of exposure, especially for small businesses. It’s the big businesses that generally have more corporate rules that even store managers can’t override.


I love everything about this look! After watching your video I feel like I need those fox ornaments in my life, not to mention the hedgehog! So cute!


Oh my gosh I am obsessed with the Apple Spice. I try not to drink it all that often, but here and there when I treat myself it is really heaven. Love the green and orange tones in these pictures!