Quick Visit in Naples

My little meet and greet with the Lilly Pulitzer jeep tour was the perfect excuse for a week long trip to Florida. A little play, a little work… but in the sunshine, what could be better? Garrett’s mom lives in Naples and I’m from Tampa so we made it a big family trip.
Even though Tampa is only twoish hours away, I’ve never spent time in Naples. It’s such a beautiful little city! 
One of my favorite parts was how much fun it was with Teddy and Garrett’s mom’s dog Clicquot. They played together, snuggled together, and were just overall cute puppy dogs together. Really makes me want to get a friend for Teddy, oy…
The first day in Naples was mostly spent dealing with a flat tire issue that turned out to be a bigger problem than a flat tire. I don’t have a lot of driving experience (basically three years before going to college in DC… then I moved to NYC…) so this was my first flat tire. Not fun! But everyone was safe and we got the problem fixed eventually! We couldn’t complain anyway… a flat tire in 70 degree weather isn’t all that bad!
I was having a bad luck afternoon (not including the flat tire from the morning if you can believe it). Dinner on 5th Avenue was called for. I think downtown Naples is gorgeous during the day, but WOW it is certainly spectacular right around sunset! The whole street has lights and bright globes hanging from the trees.
We took advantage of the amazing weather on Tuesday and went to the beach in the late afternoon. I had some banking/debit card issues (did I mention I was having really bad luck?!) and wasted so much time at the bank sorting it out during the day. Unwinding at the beach was exactly what the doctor ordered! Garrett convinced me to get in the water. It took about three minutes before my body went numb and I didn’t mind the cold water so much! Ha!
Thankfully I upgraded my iPhone to the 6 plus because I spent the whole day on my phone… phone calls and emails out the wazoo. Seriously, I was basically a walking Bad Luck Brian Meme this week. It was Murphy’s Law with everything that could go wrong going wrong. Some tears and some tense moments… Let me just say… ice cream was the only thing on my mind by the end of the day. A silver lining on the day? The car was fixed! Great weather for driving around with the top down!
We woke up early this morning and drove to Tampa to see my family! With the weather back in NYC (freezing!), I think we picked the perfect time to fly south… snowbird style!

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My parents live in Naples and it is such a great city! Wish i was down there visiting my family to meet you. Quick question- where is that ice cream shop in Naples? And did you find some great restaurants on 5th ave?

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