Rainy in Manhattan

After days of pretty beautiful weather, today was absolutely…. soggy.
It really never got light out! I seriously woke up this morning confused as to what time it was; it was so dark. Because it was Sunday though, I absolutely didn’t mind. It was definitely a good excuse to hit “snooze” three times.
I had a couple of meetings today and a handful of errands to run, so I grabbed my Hunters and hit the streets.
Definitely need these shearling insoles!

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The insoles look so comfy- too bad they aren't synthetic. Cozy feet are nice, but the prospect of walking around on animal skin all day does not appeal to me. (Or even if they were just the sheep wool).

Hunter's are so great- though!


I'm visiting NYC for the weekend. My mom and I noticed how rainy it was today, so we ventured to Chelsea Market. Such a cute place! Hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

Julia D.

That first pair of Hunters is so cute, and the insoles! Totally did NOT know those existed and its making it harder to resist buying a pair of boots now.