I had a meeting way outside the “Georgetown Bubble” the other day.  I rarely leave Georgetown.  But seriously… it’s pretty bad.  Anyway, I’m driving along in the taxi (Uber… best. idea. ever.) and it hit me: I may actually miss D.C.  Wait a minute there.  Did I really just admit that?  Yes.  I do love D.C. and it’s weird to think that I probably won’t be here after graduation.  There are tons of things I love about the district: restaurants, museums, and that little fact about being in the capital of the country.
However, one of my least favorite things about D.C. is the unpredictable weather.  It’s not so much unpredictable, I guess, as it is temperamental.  In one week alone we can experience chilly rain, freezing snow (redundant?), super sunny, ridiculous winds…. etc.  The springtime is the absolute worst.  (I’m so thankful I don’t have to be out on the water for crew anymore though…. phew!!!  Such a relief.)
I stumbled on these anoraks on Pinterest (or was it tumblr…… can’t remember…. #midterms) and could not believe they were from American Eagle.  Don’t get me wrong, I have some much loved jeans from American Eagle.  However, I was surprised at how cute these anoraks are!

I love that they’re lightweight and have a hood.  All of my rain jackets must be hooded.  My hair gets extremely frizzy at even the slightest drop of rain (or mist, which D.C. tends to get), but sometimes it isn’t raining hard enough to justify an umbrella.
I’m totally torn between the three colors.  The yellow is super cute.  The navy is a classic.  And then that colorblocked one is just kind of perfection.
Which color would you choose?  Are you an anorak fan?

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Oh, wow, those are really cute! I don't own much from American Eagle but I may have to check those out sometime!


I gotta agree with what you said about DC weather! I'm from MD and go to school at American University and the weather during spring and fall is so confusing!! I was going to invest in a North Face lightweight rain jacket but after seeing these AE ones, I may just consider getting the yellow one!

Emily Wagman

Apparently these aren't that great, according to the AE website reviews…something about them not actually being waterproof? You're probably better off getting the North Face jacket – it's better quality.

Shana W.

Be careful with Uber–there was a big thing in the Post after NYE about how someone was charged something like $200 for a ride because it was at a peak time…so ridiculous. But I took it once at a non-peak time and it was fabulous–gotta love the free Vitamin Water!


The first thought I had when I saw this, there is no way this is from American Eagle. My favorite would possible have to be the color blocked one. SO cute!


The old stand by pick would be the tried and Navy. HOWEVER, how could you resist the color block? So adorable! Go for it!