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Random Gift Ideas

So I’ve been keeping a “stash” of links for gifts and they didn’t make their way into any gift guides this year. Wanted to be sure to share everything so why not just throw them into one post! Bam!

Blue and White Earrings

Blue & White Earrings

I got an ad on IG for these and absolutely LOVE the design. (Actually the whole site is perfect.) I promptly forwarded it to a number of my blue and white loving friends.

Fancy Fire Estinguisher

Fancy Fire Extinguisher

Definitely a pricier gift. But it’s also practical and chic AF.




Personalized Tobasco


Personalized Mini Tabasco

So the window for these may have closed, but I’m keeping it here just in case you want to pin it for next year or to get inspired for another celebration, like a birthday or Father’s Day. I thought these were brilliant!

Barbour Travel Mug

Barbour Reusable Cup

I love this little reusable cup. Great unisex gift under $20!



Talk about a blast from the past. They’re making a comeback though. I’ve noticed a number of beauty influencers using these again!

Gingham Plates

Gingham & Tassel Plates

Cutest. Plates. Of. All. Time.

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