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So many books to update you guys on! It’s been a few months since I did a post with what I’ve read and I’ve read more books than I realized. Part of it is that I have been on a MAJOR roll with audiobooks. I used to only listen to audiobooks in the car mostly (or while doing laundry) in Connecticut, but now that I don’t drive as much in NJ, I find myself listening to audiobooks all the time. While walking (which adds up more than I realized), while cleaning, while working out.

The other day I was home alone for a full Sunday and jumped out of bed to start doing a deep clean. I popped in headphones and got a giant chunk of an audiobook done. By the end of the day, after all my errands and everything, I had listened to seven hours. Nuts.

Reading List

Bel Canto // I am a HUGE Ann Patchett fan. I love the way she tells stories and Bel Canto was no exception. It’s about a dinner party in South America that gets held hostage by terrorists. The hostages, including a world-renowned soprano, all speak various languages and eventually settle into a routine while under siege. It felt a little slow at the beginning and then before I realized it, I was totally engrossed in each characters’ story arc.

The Lost Queen of Crocker County // I wasn’t totally in love with the book, but would say that I did enjoy it by the end. There were a few phrases that repeated over and over and a few “dream scenes” that I could have done without… but the story about a woman returning to her hometown and making amends with her past life was ultimately endearing and a nice, easy read.

Crazy Rich Asians // After I saw the movie, I immediately downloaded the audiobook! I LOVED the movie and really enjoyed the book. My mom said the second and third in the series is even better, so I can’t wait to read those next.

Where the Crawdads Sing // This was one of Reese Witherspoon’s book club picks and I downloaded it from Audible. Truthfully, I didn’t think I was going to like it based on the description (a child is basically abandoned by her family and left to fend for herself in the marshlands of North Carolina), but it was lovely. There’s a surprising amount of scientific tidbits about nature scattered throughout the book and I loved learning more as Kya, the main character, learned more herself.

A Place for Us // If you’re going to read one book from the list, make it this one. I received an ARC earlier this year, but didn’t actually get around to reading it until this fall. It’s the first book of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new imprint for Hogarth. It focuses on the members of an Indian-American Muslim family as they grow and love. I absolutely loved the storytelling and couldn’t put it down at times. I fell in love with each family member in unique ways.

This Is How It Always Is // This is another one of Reese Witherspoon’s books! I listened to the audiobook and thought the narration was…. not great. I wish I had read the actual book because I loved the story and the writing. It’s about a family with young children navigating and following the lead of their youngest’s journey transitioning from a boy to a girl.

The Late Bloomers’ Club // Louise Miller wrote one of my favorite books last year, The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living, which felt like Gilmore Girls in the coziest way possible. This is a summer version of that, also based in a quaint Vermont town. I thought it was a great story about family, finding love, and community.

The Blurry Years // My friend from middle and high school actually wrote this book! I was so excited to order it to read! If you’ve seen (or heard of) The Florida Project, I’d say that it’s like the book version of that movie. It’s a pretty heartbreaking coming of age story of a somewhat neglected girl growing up in Florida with a single mom.

The Last Mrs. Parrish // I downloaded this because it was recommended on my library’s app. At first, I was like, “nope. Not into this,” and then literally all of a sudden I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN.  A woman sets outs to break up the most perfect couple in town with the goal of marrying the husband. It’s kind of like a Lifetime movie in a good way, just don’t give up at the beginning if you’re not into it… promise it gets really good.

The Other Woman // This was Reese’s lastest pick and I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like. It, along with The Last Mrs. Parrish now that I think about it, is like an emerging genre of books trying to be the next Gone Girl. Nothing will beat that (in my opinion 😉), but I don’t mind everyone trying! This is about a woman who meets a perfect man and everything goes great… until the mother in law comes into the picture. This is a “can’t put it down” kind of read.

I’m currently reading Ghosted and listening to Winter Storms.

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Jordana @WhiteCabana

I’ve been on an audiobook kick for a while now, and I’m loving it. I didn’t think I would, but I do. I just finished The Painted Veil by Somerset Maugham and onto Dance, Dance, Dance by Haruki Murakami (a top Japanese author).


I absolutely loved This Is How It Always Is. If the audiobook wasn’t great I definitely recommend coming back to it in a few months or a year and reading the book. I thought it tackled sensitive issues really well and I loved that the mother didn’t handle everything perfectly and that she made mistakes while trying her best to do the right things for her kids. It felt very real to me.


Ann Patchett’s “The Magician’s Assistant is my favorite. If you’re ever in Nashville, you should stop by her bookstore – Parnassus Books. “This Is How It Always Is” was my favorite from last year, I’m sad that you weren’t in love with the audio version – it opened my eyes a lot! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family 😀

Amanda K.

I love these book selections. I have only read one book form the list which is crazy rich Asians. Educated by Tara Westover is one of my favorites this year!

supal // @chevronseclairs

I just ordered A Place for Us. I wrote about my experience growing up Indian American (my family is Hindu). How it was as I was growing up and then after 9-11. So I’m sure it will be a wonderful read. I’m currently reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and so far enjoying it, though I hear it gets a bit tedious after a certain point, but ends with a bang!


I just finished Eleanpr Oliphant! At first I didn’t like it but I became engrossed in her life and the end is amazing.


Hi Carly! Can you specify which you read as opposed to listened to on audiobooks? Only asking because I love getting good audiobook recs as sometimes the reader’s voice is horrible or annoying. Thanks! 🙂

Kate Maccio

All awesome books! Reese has the best taste in books, I trust her completely.
If you love audiobooks make sure you have the Hoopla App, all you need to do is put your library card # in and if your library participates you get 5 audio/ebooks a month. The Scribd app is great too, $8.99/month for almost unlimited audiobooks and ebooks. I work from home and live by those apps!


I have Hoopla! I usually check to see if a book is there and if not, then I download from Audible!

Dragana Bozic

If you are a member at the new york public library, you can get unlimited audiobooks/ebooks through their new app, Libby!

Nicola Adam

Love when you do book recommendations!! Funny that you mentioned this sort of new genre (The Last Mrs. Parrish, Gone Girl ect) I was just listening to a radio show on CBC (kind of like the Canadian version of NPR) and they also mentioned that it’s becoming a new genre and called it “Domestic Noir”, so I guess it legitimately is a new genre! I never think I am going to like books like that but then they totally suck you in!
I also wasn’t drawn to “Where the Crawdads Sing” based on the description but maybe now I will give it a go! Thanks!


Will definitely be adding some of these to my reading list, thanks for the book reviews! Also, I am currently in the Christmas/Holiday mood by any chance could you recommend some of your favorite Christmas/Holiday books?

Janet Fazio

These long nights and rainy days are great for escaping into a good book. I need to check out The Other Woman. Thanks for the recommendations.