Recent Finds

I’m not shopping right now, but it’s not stopping me from browsing. This is such a hard season to shop for anyway because of how cold it is. I don’t know about you, but finding inspiring outfits when it’s 20 degrees outside is a challenge. As far as I’m concerned, warmth comes first and style comes second… if it comes at all 😉

Recent Finds

Travel Cashmere Scarf // I’m still lusting over one of these cashmere scarves. As I’ve been going through and KonMari-ing my closet, I have a ton of patterned scarves for winter/summer but only one grey one– that I love– as far as basics are concerned.

Custom Monogrammed iPhone Case // I’m OBSESSED with these new phone cases. I have one of the striped monogrammed ones and I’m totally loving it. This new style though totally caught my eye. Select the Logomania option, the letters you want to be incorporated, and they’ll send you back a design for approval. Love, love, love.

Hot Chocolate Trouser Socks // One thing I realized when I was going through my sock drawer during my organizing session was how threadbare a lot of my socks were. I had to toss a handful of pairs in the trash because the heels were worn so thin. I think socks may be the one thing I have to make an exception for. How cute are these little hot chocolate socks?!

Boatneck Sleep Set // This gorgeous sleep set would make a perfect gift for a friend– or yourself. They look so comfortable and laid back, while still having a bit of a chic factor.

Heart Shorts Set // Another pair of pajamas? Yes, they are my weakness without question. I have a ton of Lake Pajamas and find them to be extraordinarily comfortable. The Pima cotton is just so soft and cozy. These heart printed ones would make a cute Valentine’s Day gift!

Contrast Stripe Top with Bow // I think shirt is the epitome of me. It looks adorable and I think it could easily be dressed down with ripped jeans and flats for a casual day out of worn with a pencil skirt for a day at the office.

The Boot  // I actually have these in black and they were one of my favorite items from 2018– insanely comfortable. I kind of want to get the brown color too to mix up my outfits as I don’t always want to wear black– sort of gets boring after a while in the winter!

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I’ve been so good at not shopping for myself over the last few months, save from a cute top and a dress your of shorts I bought the other day that were so discounted I couldn’t say no. I live in Canada so January-March is pretty much filled with the biggest sweatshirts I can find to help keep me warm along my commute.


Those Lake Pajamas! You and Lucy Cuneo have inspired me to ask for a pair for my Birthday in April!! I rarely wear pajama pants since it’s so warm year round, but these shorts are the CUTEST pajamas ever. I will wear these non-stop once I get them ha! The Cuyana pair is extra cute too!! Hope your staying cozy and warm!

Katie |


LOVE those heart PJs! I’ve been wanting a pair of Lake pajamas after seeing you post about them – maybe I’ll pull the trigger on these! 😉