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Besides reading, I’ve been super into going to the movies. Such a fun way to get out of the house on a cold night (or afternoon!). After hearing about MoviePass– I knew I needed it. For $10/month you can see an unlimited number of movies (1x/day). I love going to see new movies, but I hate spending money to see movies again so I’m excited about being able to go whenever I want.


Here’s what I’ve seen recently:

The Post | LOVED THIS MOVIE. Meryl Streep plays Katharine Graham, who took over the family business of The Washington Post. There’s a pretty heavy thread about gender roles, but I think it’s an even bigger story as a coming of age of sorts of a businesswoman. I really loved everything about the movie. The sets, the customing, the filming style. Highly, highly, highly recommend this one. My mom just mailed me a copy of her autobiography; I can’t wait to read it.

The Greatest Showman | I have mixed emotions about this movie. When I said that before, people couldn’t believe it! Here’s the thing… I really enjoyed the movie. The music is AMAZING, and I think it’s one of the better movie soundtracks in a while. I loved the performances of Michelle Williams, Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, and especially Keala Settle. I thought they did such a great job with making the movie feel like an imagination. My issue was that I was totally into the storyline. I’m not a fan of the circus so that right off the bat bothered me and he seemed like a total scammer.

The Darkest Hour | This movie is about Winston Churchill. I went with my boyfriend because he’s a huge history buff. I enjoyed the movie a lot, but it was after we left that I really started the love it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it!!! Then I went down a rabbit hole of reading as much as I could about him. (I also think it’s worth noting that his family thought this was the most accurate portrayal of him. One of his granddaughters said it was like seeing her grandfather come back to life.)

Last Call PitchesPitch Perfect is one of my favorite comedies. When it first came out, my sister made me see it. I didn’t think I’d like it, but obviously, she was right in the end. Normally it’s so hard to follow up a sequel with a third movie. All things considered, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot is way ~out there~ but they totally just owned it, which I appreciate. It’s just fun and the music is, as always, amazing!

I’m planning on seeing Ladybird later today and I am still dying to see I, Tonya too. I also can’t wait to see Please Stand By because I just love Dakota Fanning. Any other movies I shouldn’t miss?

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I’m so glad to see “The Post” on your list – I can’t recommend it enough! I really enjoyed “Ladybird”. You’ll definitely want to call your mother after you see it. I know I did! I recently saw “The Florida Project”, which was fascinating. It’s also been getting a lot of attention during awards season.


I haven’t seen it yet, but Paddington 2 is on my list!! The first movie was so good, and I hear the second one is even better.

Colleen Ray

lady bird + I, Tonya are both amazing and so wonderful in their own ways! I’m excited to hear your reviews + I cannot wait to see The Post later this week! Are you planning to see Shape of Water?


All the Money in the World was really good! I live in LA and have been to the Getty Center several times so it was super interesting to hear the story (Getty not paying the randsom for his grandson’s kidnapping?!). Ladybird and I, Tonya were both great, too! If you haven’t seen it, check out the Secrets and Lies documentary on Harding; it was just on ABC this past week. My mom and I could not look away!


You should definitely see “Call me by your name” if you haven’t already. OMG will change your life. It’s SO good.


I agree with Leslie. Call Me By Your Name is glorious. Go see it asap if you get the chance. Someone commented with All The Money in the World – that one gets a no from me, hated it. So uneven and just really unpleasant imo. Oh, and I’ve had Moviepass since October and have already seen 30 movies! Love it!

Ali Koch

Omg, how did I not know this was a thing??? Just signed up for MoviePass, you literally just saved me hundreds of dollars😂 Also Ladybird was great, Saoirse Ronan is amazing to watch


Lady Bird is fantastic, I can’t recommend it enough! Call Me By Your Name is also a must-see — it’s stunning, emotional, and carried by amazing performances. The book is also wonderful!


I loved seeing “The Darkest Hour” and it made visiting the Churchill War Room in London make more sense (if you are in London – go see it!). My husband is a huge history buff and he couldn’t believe how accurate the movie was.

Just saw “Molly’s Game” – my girlfriend and I indulged in a matinee viewing during the week! It’s a long movie, so be prepared, but it was fantastic – still thinking about it!

“I, Tonya” was so good – went in with no idea what I was getting into, but ended up coming away thinking ‘wow!’

Also looking forward to taking my nephews to “Peter Rabbit” when it comes out – so glad I still have littles to go to kids movies with!


Molly’s Game!! Jessica Chastain totally kills it and it’s such a fun and interesting film – shot and edited wonderfully, may I add


Also the fact that this Moviepass thing isn’t available in Canada breaks my heart – movie tickets add up so quickly, especially around award season.


Ladybird is one of my favourite movies ever. I just love it so much! I think the ending is so relatable.
The Shape of Water is also a lovely movie, definitely recommend as well!


Definitely check out Call Me By Your Name (one of my favorites of last year!), The Florida Project, Three Billboards, and Phantom Thread.

Came out last summer, but also Check out Ingrid Goes West. Since you’re a blogger and instagrammer, I think you’d find this movie interesting! (It’s about an obsessive fan but also the culture around social media in general)


“I, Tonya” was amazing! But my favorite movie of the holiday season was “Murder on the Orient Express” because I’m a huge Agatha Christie fan and though it was done well on the big screen.


Totally agree with your The Greatest Showman review. I hope you love Ladybird. I’ve never resonated with a movie more than Ladybird. I absolutely loved it and after seeing nearly all of the nominated movies, I hope it wins all the awards! Saoirse Ronan and Greta Gerwig are so talented.


Living in LA, I think just about everyone I know has MoviePass. My husband is an actor, so we get all of the screeners. It’s so nice to be able to watch movies at home, especially since we have a 7 week old! We did take her w/ us to the theater to see The Greatest Showman, though. I loved I, Tonya, but didn’t particularly enjoy The Shape of Water. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the other nominated films!


This sounds really crazy, but Paddington 2! My husband and I went to see it only after we got to the theater and the movie we planned to see with MoviePass was sold out. It is so heartwarming and funny and is the highest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes right now!


Another vote for Molly’s Game – It’s based on a true story, and I went in with zero background (I also have MoviePass so I’m wiling to see basically anything!) and absolutely loved it. That night I went into a rabbit hole to find out more about what happened to the main character before and after the movie wrapped up.


I just saw The Phantom Thread with Daniel Day-Lewis over the weekend and I would highly recommend! I think it will be a battle between him and Gary Oldman in The Darkest Hour for Best Actor.


If you haven’t seen Coco and you can find a theater still playing it, absolutely highly recommend! Even as an adult it was great!


The Darkest hour is such a great movie and have been wanting to see The Post – I’ve hear such great things about it!

Amanda G

My husband and I see all of the best picture Oscar nominees every year (this is our 6th year taking on the challenge). The official nominees come out tomorrow, but we use the Golden Globes as a guide to start early. So far we have seen The Shape of Water and Get Out. I would recommend both!


I just recently saw The Post with my dad and I LOVED it!!! I am so excited to hear that there is an autobiography on Katherine Grahame, definitely going to track that down!
Two other recent movies that I REALLY loved were Goodbye Christopher Robin and Breathe, they were both incredible movies (take a tissue box to both!!) and I highly recommend them. They may be out of the cinemas in America by now though as we do tend to get movies a lot later over here in Australia!


The Greatest Showman was amazing, I have seen it twice! I know this may sound a little strange, especially since I am a girly girl, but Star Wars The Last Jedi was AMAZING! I never thought I would be into the series but it is so entertaining and exciting. I saw it three times!


Movie Pass! I’ve heard of this in passing but never got around to looking at it until I read this post. How totally cool! I love seeing movies but don’t do it very much because it can get expensive, but Movie Pass solves that problem. You’re right — a great idea for a winter activity for New Englanders (I live in Providence). Thanks for the inspiration!


I’ve been thinking of trying MoviePass for a while but I never made the jump. I think I will now!


I love seeing your movie post! I, also, have been going to the movies a lot lately because of oscars season! I agree about The Post, one of my favorites for the Oscar nominees so far! I am going to see I, Tonya tonight and will let you know what I think! Ladybird and Call Me By Your Name are definitely on my list to go see!

If you loved “The Darkest Hour” you should go watch The Crown on netflix for more historical views of Churchill! I would highly recommend that show!

PS- Glad I’m not the only one who went to go see the 3rd pitch perfect! It was so funny and I thoroughly enjoyed it because I just love the music 🙂