Reese Witherspoon Wardrobe

When I think of styles that I admire, I tend to answer with people who’s styles are very polished and a little bit over the top. It’s true that I love the way Blair Eadie accessorizes and mixes prints and I love the way Olivia Palermo always looks chic and layered. 
But I know I could never pull it off. And even if I did somehow figure out how to put an outfit like that together I would not feel like myself and I would not feel comfortable. 
I’m 100% guilty of searching around the internet (thank you Tumblr, Google, and Pinterest) for outfit inspiration. I have my daily uniforms– I wear this at least three times a week and alternate with cable knit sweaters and jeans– and they’re all pretty simple and basic. I don’t like to overdo it. 
And there’s a celebrity who is a pro at looking chic without going over the top… Reese Witherspoon!
Some Reese “we can do this, too” outfit inspiration:
Recreate her look: Button down + Black skirt + Strappy Heels + Sunglasses + Bag
Recreate her look: Hat + Sunglasses + Dress + Bag + Shoes
Recreate her look: Top + Jeans + Heels + Sunglasses + Necklace
Recreate her look: Shirt + Jeans + Booties
Recreate her look: Button down + Sunglasses + Jeans + Bag + Flats + Watch
Recreate her look: Dress + Shoes + Bag + Sunglasses

Images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

What do you think of Reese’s style? Do you love it as much as I do?!


PS Don’t forget… Reese was spotted a handful of times using this iPhone case!!!

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I never really considered Reese Witherspoon to have amazing style because she kind of goes under the radar but I hands down love all these photos! The floral dress and the white two piece set are both gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing Reese's style… I have some new celeb stalking to do 🙂

Annie N Belle

Caitlin Cooper

I love this! I totally feel the whole looking to people who are really fashionable for inspiration, only to find that you can't pull off the look yourself. I never really considered choosing a style icon that dresses a little more "average," per se. Thanks for sharing these photos! Reese really pulls off some great looks!

Caitlin | Your Typical Prep

Alyson Cruse

I love Reese Witherspoon's style she's so classic and girly! I always look up her outfits when I can't think of anything to wear!
Alyson |


I LOVE Reese's style! She is hands down my favorite celebrity to follow on instagram because of her effortless style and constant inspiration (with some funny posts thrown in too!) Great picks Carly! 🙂


Michele Hart

I love this post! Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite fashion idols… I just love her. I even wrote a post about this a few months ago, ha! I love how you added links to get her looks, so fun!

~pinch, pinch theclassycrab~

Morgan Hassell

Love this! So often, we link fashion inspiration with the icons that don't necessarily have a relatable wardrobe. This was a great little reminder!


This is so great because many of us have items in our closet just like those, so her style is really chic but manageable (for students like me). Makes me like her even more! 😀

Brazen Brunette

Loved reading this post and all the great outfit inspiration! Reese always looks so classic and polished, definitely a style icon of mine. She has a great knack for putting together ensembles that always look wearable and classic. Thanks for sharing 🙂

xoxo Nicole