Why You Should Do Some Reflecting Before the End of the Year

I just created a document on my laptop to start reflecting on the year. It’s been a year, to say the least, and while I’m ready to jump right into the new year, I think it’s very much worth reflecting on what’s happened over the past 365 days. Not convinced? Maxie’s got you covered.


Why You Should Do Some Reflecting Before the End of the Year

Guest post by Maxie McCoy

Is it too soon to be talking about 2017?? Well, when it comes to what we want to do to move our lives in a brighter direction I think the answer is no.

But… something tends to happen at this time of year as we do everything possible to close out work and classes before the holidays, as we sort out all of our travel plans and as we begin thinking about what resolutions might make us a better person… we get so caught up in the future that we forget to think about the past.

I’m the queen of thinking about “what’s next” instead of being deeply grateful for “what’s been.” Just the other day I was planning (and fretting) over all the things I should be doing to take bigger steps come 2017. I was encouraging myself to think bigger and push harder and questioning if maybe there was more I could have done. At that same moment I had someone, I didn’t know pop into my inbox with the most beautiful note of appreciation for all the inspiration I had created for her this past year.

So often, we all do this. We get SO worked up about how we’re going to be better humans and be more productive and try new things and quit that habit that we miss out on an amazing opportunity to wrap ourselves in love and appreciation for everything we have done.

So before you go bolting into 2017 with everything you’re going to do next, I want you to take these last few weeks to revel in what’s been. Here are a few reasons why…

Reflection is your secret weapon for doing better in the future. Sometimes, it’s not always about the push. It’s about slowing down to think about your achievements, your obstacles, and all of the wonderful and wild things you learned over the past year. Taking time to slow down and consider these things prepares you to do better going forward according to some super smart humans over at HBS.

You’ll build confidence. Remember those mountains you moved and completely forgot about?? Ya, we all do that. We get through tough spots. We create amazing things. We accomplish really cool stuff and then we don’t even remember that we did it OR we blow it off as “no big thang.” However, when you can take inventory of the things that made you happy and the things that you’re proud of yourself for, you’ll reaffirm to yourself that you’ve got what it takes to get through whatever life hands you in the coming months.

It’s an excuse to get cozy. Who doesn’t want an opportunity to get some hot cocoa, put on fuzzy socks, and open their favorite journal? That’s what I thought 🙂 You can reflect on this past year easily with this pack of questions for reflection that I created and use myself every year. They’re thought-provoking, reflective prompts to help you consider the highs, learnings, and special moments from last year.

Whatever you do, take time to reflect on the wild year that was 2016 before it’s over. I promise that anything you desire and any goals you set for next year will be created on a much stronger foundation if you do.


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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

For me, it’s so easy to fall into mindless habits. While there are benefits to getting your routine down, sometimes I need to pause, think, and adjust to changes. Reflecting at the end of the year is definitely a great time to pause for a little bit and think about these things! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


I do this at the end of every year, but with a super in-depth workbook ( that has the same kind of questions, but more built out. A few hours and a few bottles of wine makes it a great end of the year thing to do with your friends and it’s amazing perspective to have it to go back and read from the year before.


Thank you for posting this! I usually never look back, and I’m always wondering what would be my new years goals instead. I just sat down to reflect on what I’ve done this year and I actually learned a lot about myself that I didn’t realize!


You’re right, reflection and gratitude is so important! It definitely fuels your motivation and inspiration to achieve more ♥

Amy //