Repper Patterns

A family friend (and avid CP reader, I must add) sent me a link to this website and said “I hope you don’t have a lot to do tonight.”
Wow.  Repper Patterns is the coolest thing!!!
Basically, you upload a picture or graphic and then play around and make these incredible visually appealing designs.  You can buy the program and make some super cool things (like an engraved banana???), but I just played around with the demo!
Trust me, the demo is still a lot of fun.
The first three are using the same (Lilly Pulitzer) print, but you can see how various alterations to the program make them completely unique!

^^ This one’s my favorite!

If you’re into design, you should invest in the program.  Look, you can design your own fabric for pillows!
The warning is right… don’t play around unless you have lots of time to spare!  It’s quite addicting 🙂

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Hi, great to see you're enjoying Repper so much!
The source images you are using work really well, I especially love the first one: intricate yet nicely symmetrical.

Cheers from the makers of Repper!