response to anonymous

I am not.
I have no idea who she is, but I have never even been on the website.  I get google alerts every time a new “college prepster” comment appears though.
This actually really saddens me.  But, please know… It’s not me.

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Aw Carly don't let this get you down. Unfortunately, silly stuff like this happens on the internet 🙁
Remember you are AWESOME.



What an awful thing to say and accuse! Clearly she isn't a follower to see just how lovely you are!


i think you should know that today, i had a meeting to go to that had a "business casual" dress code, and when i was going through my closet trying to decide what to wear, i kept thinking, "would carly wear this? is this a CollegePrepster outfit?" and i totally think it was. rocked it.

just know that you still rock and i love you and your blog!
hope you have a great rest of the week(:


TFM is a disgrace. It bothers me that I go to a school where people post all the time. I know people who use the term "TFM" in real life…yeah you're not cool.

Macarena - Chic et Posh

Don't feel sad about this, just feel sorry for that individual, who cowardly hides under anonimity. That kind of comments only reveal envy and boicot intentions. And are far away from achieving their evil purposes. Remember Don Quijote's quote: "They are barking Sancho, it means we are riding our way" XoXo.

Lindsey Leigh

I saw "College Prepster" post on TFM and automatically knew that it wasn't YOU! I know I don't know you personally, but have read those posts… and I am an avid blog reader. I think anyone who truly follows your blog and appreciates it will know it is not you!


That is so rude 🙁 I'm sorry someone would think that could be you! You are too cute and sweet! Don't let it bother you!


While I actually enjoy TFM (albeit I see it as satire, not serious), I think some of it goes overboard.

I sent you a message about this on your tumblr last month! I saw a CollegePrepster posting on there and was like, "Def. not Carly." Regardless, don't let it get you down!


This, and another "Anonymous" comment I've seen, are totally out of whack. Don't ever let these sorts of comments get you down (if you're like me, and are sensitive to what people say about you), because I assure you there's no truth to them. You're a wonderful blogger, and I'm sure that reflects your wonderful personality!


Hey, one of my sisters pointed this out to me. I know that one of the girls in my sorority who graduated last year has gone by College Prepster as a nickname since she was a freshman. I'm not really sure where it came from, but we are pretty sure that it's her posting on TFM. She's mentioned it a couple times and there can't be more than one posting on that site, right? Anyways, I don't think she's heard of this blog so I'm sure she doesn't mean to offend you. Next time I see her I might mention it because it seems to be creating some annoyance for you. Please know that not all girls in sororities like that website and think that kind of stuff is ok.

Sarah G.