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Ring of Kerry

Driving the Ring of Kerry was high on our list of must-dos while in Ireland. The “Ring of Kerry” refers to the scenic tourist drive around Kerry. If you’re planning a trip to Ireland, definitely take a day to spend doing the drive. There are tons of tour buses that will take you around, but I think it’d be much more enjoyable to do it on your own. There are tons of places to pull off the road and snap photos or just take in the views. (Thomas researched the route that the buses took and we went the opposite direction so we wouldn’t get stuck behind a slow one. Highly recommend!)
We researched a few stops that we wanted to make ahead of time and factored in some time for spontaneous exploring.
The first spot we stopped at was one of my favorites of the day. Mossy rocks and wildflowers everywhere!!
Someone commented on Instagram about the weather since I looked bundled up on top and shorts on the bottom. I found this to be a super pleasant balance for the weather we had, about sixty degrees and overcast that day. It was definitely not the warmest day with the clouds and the temperatures would dip and rise depending on how close we were to the coast. Also, the wind was intense… hence the hair!
(I bought a dual voltage hair dryer and did my hair a couple of times, but with the wind, it’s not really necessary/worth it. My hair took on a life of its own the entire trip… If you’re heading over there, I’d just embrace the natural look!)
Our next stop was a gorgeous beach. We spent quite a bit of time there taking it all in. So many locals were out enjoying the “beach day.” (I was cold and my eyes would not stop watering from the wind!)
We pulled over for this viewing point and I swear, I felt like someone had put a giant postcard in front of us. Between the tiny houses nestled within the farmland, roads winding every which way, and livestock dotting the greenery, it was truly a sight to behold.
(I couldn’t resist adding this photo!)
Ballycarbery Castle was my favorite ruins of the trip. We drove by a bunch of ruins throughout the trip, but we stopped for this one. The castle was owned by the McCarthys (so you can imagine why Garrett liked it, haha) and built in the 1400s. It’s crazy to think how old it is and how intact it remains.


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You look amazing in all of them, but I especially love the very first one! Can't wait to hear more about the trip!


Hope Woodhouse

Everything looks so surreal and gorgeous! That picture of you and Garret on the stone wall looks like it is straight out of a J. Crew catalog – so frame-worthy! I love hearing about what you loved and what went well!


Laura Cronin

Gorgeous! My family is planning a big trip to Ireland (my dad is of Irish descent) and this is on our list of things to do! I also LOVE wearing shorts with a sweater, it's perfect for temperate days!

Laura | Laura Aime Vous

Tori A.

You guys look as though you just stepped out of a J Crew catalog! Your pictures have definitely given me the travel bug!

Tori A. from Prep For A Day

Emma Richardson

I love that you embraced your natural hair and didn't make looking perfect a priority on your vacation:) what size do you wear in your Barbour Beadnell?! I want to order one but can't decide which size would be best and am having trouble finding one to try on in stores where I live!

Angela Duke

You're seriously a model! I wish my natural hair on a NORMAL day looked as good as yours while traveling and in that climate. Love these photos! Everything is gorgeous, and I think you've definitely found a perfect holiday card photo for this year!


I have been eying this LL Bean sweater for a while, it looks longer on you than the model. Did you size up?


Just found this post! Heading to Ireland in the spring and I am so excited to look through the rest of your Irish blog posts.


Your pictures are stunning and your blog is very, very inspiring. I know, I repeat myself but. It must be said!

Best wishes from Austria!