Road Trip!!!

I had the absolute most fun ever with two of my best friends from high school.  Both girls turned 21 last week, but Melly and I drove up to Auburn University to surprise Bebe for her 21st!
We had such a fun drive up to Alabama… We listened to way too many songs from the deep depths of my iPod: High School Musical, Grammar Rock, Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, and just about every other random song I could think of.  We laughed, witnessed some random travelers, drank milkshakes and ate french fries, and could barely contain our excitement of surprising our friend!!!
We finally arrived and waited in the restaurant with some of Bebe’s other friends… and then she finally showed up!!!  She was so shocked!

I had never been to Auburn and so Melly and Bebe gave me the grand tour.
(It was also freezing… hence the sweaters!)

It was so weird being on another college campus.  Definitely different than Georgetown.  But I loved it!

New advertisement for Longchamp?

Then I got a spray tan.  HA.  But seriously.  So. Tan!

Overall, I had such a great time.  I loved spending time with my best friends.  It’s crazy how you can spend time apart, but once you get back together, it’s like you’ve never been separated.
We stayed up super late every single night talking about EVERYTHING.  I think we all grew even closer over the trip and our friendships are stronger than ever.
Melly and I are already planning our next trip!
(minus Chick-fil-a milkshakes!)

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Sundresses and Smiles

How fun!! So many beautiful pictures! We have a birthday surprise in the works for my best friend Angela next month! Her boyfriend is planning it, so I'm hoping he can get it together, ha!


Great pics! The one on the porch swing is soo cute. Reminds of a road trip south I took with my friend Susanna when I was in school in Memphis. Thanks for sharing!