Rockport, Maine

Our trip to Maine has been pretty incredible so far. Because we’re really here for an EMS conference for Garrett, it’s been pretty low-key in the best possible way. We arrived at the Samoset Resort early Thursday evening after driving all day, but it was pitch black outside and pouring rain. We had a super early dinner downtown at a restaurant called 3 Crow (delicious!) and called it a day pretty early.
Garrett had lectures all day on Friday. One of the sweetest TCP readers (she drove to Boston for Maine last fall for a meet and greet) invited us to the conference since her dad is a paramedic here and was helping run the event. Her dad was the instructor for one of the sessions, so I sat in on it to here him speak. Honestly, I’m so proud of Garrett for the work he does as a paramedic. I try my best to be as empathetic as possible when he comes home from work, but I have a hard time truly understanding what he does and goes through on a daily basis. I have to say, sitting in on the lecture was incredibly beneficial for me to learn just a little more about Garrett’s job and the scope of his responsibility.
There was a big break for lunch and we ventured out to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse that is right off the property of the Samoset Resort.
The property is in a word stunning. Truly stunning. We also saw an otter dart across the rocks just as we started the journey. He was the cutest thing carrying a little lunch (a fish) in his mouth!
The breakwater is just under a mile long and fairly easy to walk down. (Much easier than the jetty that we walked down in Cape Cod!) I still get pretty skittish walking across the slippery rocks and kept stopping anyway to take in the views. Maine has to be one of the most beautiful states! The photo above is the view from the resort end looking down towards the lighthouse. And the photo below is the view from the lighthouse looking towards the resort. Can you spot me?! I’m leaping across the rocks because the tide started coming up and every few seconds a wave would crash right over my boots! 
The lighthouse kind of reminded me of a less scary version of the Lemony Snicket house!
Navy Barbour (25% off!) // Fisherman’s Sweater (c/o) // Jeans // Socks (a new favorite for me) // Bean Boots
Although it was cool outside and the intense wind certainly didn’t help, I felt so refreshed. I love being by the water and always feel like a new person… even if I only spend a few minutes by it. The air is different. 
A few other people tried to get all the way to lighthouse but turned around because the tide was rising. I was originally wearing riding boots and switched to Bean Boots at the last minute. Good thing too, because the waves started crashing over my boots right as we were leaving.
Navy Barbour // Fisherman’s Sweater (c/o) // Jeans // Socks (a new favorite for me) // Bean Boots

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Ashley Pitts

I'm curious as to what size you are wearing in the L.L. Bean sweater. I love it, but it looks so small on the model on the website. It doesn't even look like the same fit on you though. I love the way it fits you!

Kenzie Peace

Amazing pictures! I will be up at the Samoset for Thanksgiving, be sure to go down for happy hour, the outdoor fire pits during sunset just amplify the view. Best of luck for the rest of your trip. If youre looking for a great picture destination just head down to the boat club I've been sailing there for years.

Devon Huntley

Glad you enjoyed Maine, Carly!!! It looks like although you were staying at the Samoset – which is in Rockport – you spent the rest of your time in Rockland, which is where 3Crow and the breakwater are! It's great to see Rockland grow over the past few years, I grew up about 30 minutes inland! Camden is also a gorgeous town to visit, especially in the summer and during the Windjammer Festival! Portland is a perfect spot to try delicious food, please come back!!! Maine is a very special place…


I'm originally from Southern Maine, and I've been to the Samoset a few times!! My dad had some work conferences there when I was growing up, and my mom and I would go up along with him and make it a family vacation. Such a nice resort!!

Glad my home state is treating you well!

xoxo A

Caitlyn S.

You were semi- near me when you went to maine! Maine is gorgeous, especially where you went! Kittery and Bar Harbor are nice too….. I haven't been there in years but would love to go soon…. I am from Massachusetts so I love to see bloggers come see the New England area. I am glad you had a nice time!